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In California, a course gives students a glimpse at career in emergency dispatch. Emergency blue-light phones are a symbol of safety, but some schools are evaluating their effectiveness. Too often, the chaos of critical emergency calls can quickly overwhelm and stress first responders to the point of decreased performance. Many emergency medical service providers lack training about incident command structure. As public safety continues its rapid evolution, agencies around the country are finding that efficient technologies allow them to accomplish more with fewer personnel resources. There are five major public safety technology trends for 2019, from artificial intelligence to smart watches.

Key Points: 

  • Technology has become a powerful tool in public safety, creating new capabilities for workers that wouldn't have been possible even just years ago 
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is now becoming relevant for enhancing law enforcement activity. In essence, IoT refers to the growing network of IP addressable sensors and electronic devices that can interact or communicate using internet connectivity. It's also a key component of smart cities, and could become more prevalent in future years. 
  • Innovative softwarde companies  are now offering web-based products that utilize an approach known as software as a service (SaaS), allowing agencies to subscribe to the services they need and shift the maintenance responsibilities to the vendor
  • 5G technology will mean first responders will have the assurance of dedicated bandwidth sufficient to support important operations, even when there is high network demand. 

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A Closer Look At Restorative Practices and the Postive Influence on School Safety

school meeting-1

Restorative practices can help educators build healthy, meaningful relationships with students and is one of the most essential ways to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. Restorative practices are proven to reduce suspensions, expulsions, and disciplinary referrals by focusing on righting a wrong and repairing harm done. The goal is to focus on the relationship between teacher, students, and peers, and how the situation in question can be used to move forward with more effective communication and understanding, improving school safety overall. 


Everyday Citizens are Having to Become First Responders - and Here’s Why it Matters

citizen first respondersThe rise of natural disasters and violent incidents in today’s communities is putting everyday citizens in the position of having to serve as first responders to save lives. Some communities are taking the lead in preparing their citizens for this unfortunate and unexpected role by teaching them to apply narcan in cases of opioid overdose, helping evacuate others with limited mobility, or applying a tourniquet to a gunshot victim.


New Report: How Tech Empowers Traveling Healthcare Workers' Personal Safety

Modern wireless technology and social media illustrationCommunity nurses, personal home care aides, and other traveling staff practice in some of the most dangerous situations in the healthcare industry, often without nearby support. Our new report demonstrates how technology can empower traveling healthcare workers' personal safety.



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In an effort to provide the most current services to its residents, the city of Elgin is making the Smart911 app available to all residents. The multi-faceted app is a free, subscriber-based service that provides 911 dispatchers and first responders powerful capabilities for handling, dispatching and responding to emergency calls more efficiently and effectively. When a 911 call is received and the telephone number is in the national Smart911 database, the Safety Profile instantly displays to the dispatcher. This contains information critical to the response, such as hearing impairment, domestic violence risk, lethal allergy and many other vital pieces of information that assist responders as to the best approach for the emergency. 

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Mary Kate McGrath

Written by Mary Kate McGrath

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