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the 2018 rave user summit

17 years of working in 9-1-1, emergency planning, school and public safety has taught me that the threats we face today are ever changing.  We plan for worst case scenarios but it is impossible to have a specific plan for every potential event. Yet we all live in a world where planes and cars are weapons of mass destruction, snipers can take up a perch in a high story hotel room above a crowd, the internet provides easy instructions on how to build an explosive device and anyone can order a long range, flying drone from a smartphone app to be rushed to their doorstep.  Oh, and all of these potential threats represent just a small fraction of the actual emergencies we plan for, handle and manage on a regular basis.

Fortunately, the 2018 Rave User Summit provides countless opportunities to learn new skills, master best practices, and solve challenging problems. I’ve outlined the top three reasons any safety or security professional would benefit from joining us in Denver in April, 2018.

1. Out of the Box Problem Solving

The Annual Rave User Summit brings those tasked with the safety of others together to share ideas, best practices and learn how to better leverage Rave’s innovative technologies in data and communication to mitigate and respond to a crisis.  At every Rave User Summit I have attended as both a customer and a Raver, I have seen countless examples where someone came to the room with a problem and immediately benefited from another attendee who had refined a solution.  There is something amazing about the synergy in a room full of peers all trying to solve the same, dynamic problems.  While Corporate Security, Emergency Managers, Campus Safety and Public Safety officials face different challenges and resource limitations, we all are responsible for the safety of a community and are tasked with solving problems. We all share in the same need to be effective and efficient when handling all emergencies and also cannot waste time trying to reinvent the wheel when trying to achieve our mission.

2. Hear from Your Peers

In addition to the growing community represented at the RaveUser Summit, we are expanding the 2018 agenda to include more customer-led “hear from your peers” sessions. The real word lessons shared during last year’s sessions including “Planning for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration” and “Partnering with Business and Schools for Safety” enabled our customers to share their experience and actionable insights. If you have a topic you’d like to share, please submit your speaker proposal at We’d love to hear from you.

3. Hands-on Product Training

We will also offer pre-Summit hands-on product training, in response to feedback from the 2017. The dedicated product sessions will enable our users to learn best practices, try new features, and ensure they are getting the most out of their Rave products.

Share and Discover at the 2018 Rave User Summit

As a former Rave customer, and now as a Customer and Product Success Manager, I appreciate the value of great out-of-the-box thinking to discover efficiencies critical to increasing effectiveness in handling day-to-day emergencies and communicating during large-scale disasters. Share and discover how your peers are solving everyday challenges you may face.  Collaborate with us at Rave by providing critical input on enhancements and products in early development.  We are all better prepared when we prepare together.

Come join Rave’s customer community of Public Safety, Security and Emergency Management professionals to learn and share best practices by attending the 2018 Rave User Summit. Register and submit your session proposal through I hope to see you there!

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Crystal Ayco

Written by Crystal Ayco

Crystal Ayco is the Rave Mobile Safety Customer Success Ops Sr. Manager. During the last 3 years with Rave, she has been responsible for facilitating county and statewide implementations of Rave's life-saving technologies across the nation. Crystal, previously an operations coordinator for a large 9-1-1 Center, has 15+ years 9-1-1 hands-on experience in all aspects of 9-1-1 including telecommunicator, dispatcher, training, project and operations management.


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