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The Top 20 Workplace Safety Quotes to Engage Employees

Workplace safety is top of mind. Businesses and companies are expected to provide a safe workplace environment free of known safety and health hazards. When a workplace is safe, employees feel more comfortable, productive, and are less likely to miss work. According to the National Safety Council, every 7 seconds a worker is injured on the job. That means 510 people are injured an hour, 12,600 a day, 88,500 a week, and a shocking 4,600,000 workers are injured every year.

In our 2018-2019 Workplace Safety and Preparedness Report we were surprised to learn that 30% of respondents were unaware of their employers’ emergency preparedness plans for common types of workplace emergencies. There were higher percentages of respondents reported that even though there were emergency preparedness plans in place, these plans for severe weather events, medical emergencies, and cyberattacks were rarely or never tested. So, what can businesses do to protect their employees?

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Top 20 Workplace Safety Quotes to Engage Employees

Quotes can be a great tool help keep your workers safe and promote safety in the workplace. Displaying safety quotes on bulletin boards, using them in memos, and featuring them in employee newsletters on a regular basis can keep employees focused on the importance of workplace safety. LoveToKnow tells us, “The key to using safety quotes effectively is to find ones that help you get your point across in a way that will be particularly meaningful to your employees, as well as easy to remember.”

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We’ve found some great quotes from both Safety Culture and LoveToKnow. Here are our top 20 favorite workplace safety quotes.

  1. “Safety brings first aid to the uninjured.” – F.S. Hughes

  2. “Do not think because an accident hasn’t happened to you that it can’t happen.” – Safety saying, early 1900’s

  3. “You don’t need to know the whole alphabet of Safety. The A, B, C of it will save you if you follow it: Always Be Careful.” – Colorado School of Mines Magazine

  4. “Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life.” – Safety saying, early 1900’s

  5. “Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.” – Author Unknown

  6. “For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.” – Eleanor Everet

  7. “Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.” – Author Unknown

  8. “An incident is just the tip of the iceberg, a sign of a much larger problem below the surface.” – Don Brown

  9. “Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it.” – Author Unknown

  10. “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” – Jodi Rell

  11. "Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands." – Jeff Cooper

  12. “The danger which is least expected soonest comes to us." – Voltaire

  13. "Safety doesn't happen by accident." – Author Unknown

  14. "Work injuries and illnesses can affect every aspect of life for workers and their families." – Maine Department of Labor

  15. “You are your last line of defense in safety. It boils down to you.” – Kina Repp

  16. “Luck runs out but safety is good for life.” – Author Unknown

  17. “It takes leadership to improve safety.” – Jackie Stewart

  18. "Your employees learn by example. If they don't see you practicing good safety habits, they won't think safety is important." – Electrical Construction & Maintenance

  19. “One earnest worker can do more by personal suggestion to prevent accidents than a carload of safety signs.” – Making Paper

  20. "Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety." – Aeschylus

Bonus: A Collection of Quotes On Coronavirus to Motivate Employees

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has disrupted businesses day-to-day routines across the country in one way or another. Whether a company has shut its doors due to safety reasons, sent employees home to work remotely, or altered their manufacturing efforts to support those on the front lines, businesses across the United States are in need of some motivation during these tough times. 

Below are some quotes that are both positive and powerful in speaking to what millions around the world are going through right now, provided by Thrive Global

1. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King Jr.

2. "Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging." - Joseph Campbell 

3. "You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength." - Marcus Aurelius

4. "Danger gathers upon our path. We cannot afford — we have no right — to look back. We must look forward." - Winston Churchill 

5. "In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity." - Sun Tsu

6. "What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

National Safety Council: Injury Report

The National Safety Council released a workplace section of its Injury Facts database, which provides employers with trends and information on injuries according the EHS Today. “We are eight times safer at work than we are at home, but the data remind us that our workplaces could still be much safer,” said Ken Kolosh, NSC manager of statistics. “The numbers underscore the need for public awareness. We hope Injury Facts can help people understand the biggest risks to their safety and help employers understand where to focus their risk management efforts.”

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The new section includes these noteworthy workplace safety trends, which EHS outlined:

  • Women are disproportionately impacted by nonfatal workplace violence, with 70% of all assault-related injuries in the workplace occurring to females.

  • The construction industry continues to experience the most worker deaths, leading all industries with 959 fatalities in 2016.

  • Workplace injuries cost society $151 billion annually between lost productivity and wages, medical expenses and administrative expenses. The cost of a single workplace death is $1.12 million.

  • Injuries from falls to a lower level (48,060) and falls to the same level (141,600) are both trending down.

  • Overdoses from the non-medical use of drugs or alcohol while on the job increased from 165 in 2015 to 217 in 2016, a 32% increase.

Workplace Safety and Preparedness

Workplace safety is very important, no matter what industry. Although businesses and companies are required to protect their workers, it is also a moral responsibility to take care of employees. When somebody leaves for work, they expect to return home safe and sound. 

A safe work environment is a productive work environment. Employees should feel they are safe from workplace violence, natural disasters, fire threats, or medical emergencies when they step through the doors of their place of work. In late 2018 we conducted our second annual Workplace Safety and Preparedness survey in which over 540 surveys were completed by full-time employees across various industries in the U.S. The survey asked respondents about how safe they feel at work, and whether they believed their employer is prepared for an emergency.

Get your copy of our Workplace Safety and Preparedness Report today!

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