How Technology Can Assist in Distributing Important K-12 Documents

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secure document delivery systemThe global pandemic has turned the K-12 education world upside down. Schools across the United States have moved from in person classrooms to virtual and remote learning, utilizing technology to assist in educating and reaching today’s students. As K-12 schools across the country continue to adapt to the ‘new normal’ of virtual learning, school administrators are also grappling with how they will distribute report cards and other important documents.

The Benefits of Paperless Report Cards and Documents

Schools are turning to alternative technologies to assist in many ways. During the digital age, more schools have moved to paperless report cards and have chosen to send important school documents home to parents electronically through a secure document delivery system. Below are a few reasons why:

  1. Schools are Going Green
    Each year K-12 schools waste an enormous amount of paper. According to Cartridge World, some teachers use as many as 75 sheets of paper per day, and 28 million sheets of paper are used by an average school district year. That amounts to more that 34 billion sheets of paper used in schools each year. By switching to a paperless document delivery system school’s can eliminate excess paper use and reduce their carbon footprint.

  2. It Improves Parent Communication
    With digital access to report cards, progress reports and more, parents are able to always stay informed of their child’s progress throughout the school year. Studies tell us that good parental involvement leads students to attend school more regularly, earn better grades, and have higher test scores. Children also have been shown to have lower rates of substance abuse and delinquent acts. Parent-teach relationships also flourish when student information is readily accessible any time it’s needed. The positive results speak for themselves!

  3. There is Significant Cost Savings
    With K-12 school budgets getting smaller every year, school administrators are always looking to cut spending. Cartridge World explains 10% of a school’s annual budget is spent on printing, $3,000-$4,000 is spent by an average school monthly on paper, ink, and toner, and about $200,000 is spent by an average school on paper alone annually. Between paper, printing and postage costs, sending home tens of thousands of report cards isn't cheap. Compounding the issue, not all mailed report cards make it to their destination.

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Secure Document Delivery Can Make Life Easier for Educators

When it comes to report card season, having the ability to digitally send home important documents to parents can be extremely helpful for educators and school administrators. By sending report cards out through a password protected secure document delivery platform, schools can save money on printing costs, improve parent-teacher relationships, and help the environment.

A secure document delivery system also reduces the chance of student interception. In the past, students who were worried about their grades, and about their family’s reaction to their grades, would stand by their mailboxes waiting for the physical report card to arrive to then dispose of it, or had accidentally “lost” the document when it handed out to them in schools. Nowadays, it’s much less likely that a child could hack their parent’s email and have access to the password protected document, which in turn reduces the likelihood that they can intercept the report card.

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Password protected documents, such as a report card, are sent via email in PDF format to parents and guardians who need to input a specific password to get access to the document. Schools also have the ability to see who has received and opened the document with read receipts. If the report card is missed, deleted, or not opened, administrators have access to this information to then reach parents through an alternate communication method.

A secure document delivery system isn’t only useful for report card distribution. It can be used for other important K-12 documents such as password protected school progress reports, school evaluations, school transcripts, and student schedules. Integrated within a K-12 school notification system, users can easily send important documents as well as relevant school notifications out through various communication methods including text, calls, social media, email, and more. 

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