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28 Public Safety Hashtags You Should Be Using on Social Media

Public safety agencies are leveraging social media to better connect with their community. Adding a few top public safety hashtags into social media posts helps to make sure that your community will get your message.

In modern society, cellphones are used for almost everything. Every day, people sign on to apps to deposit checks, get directions, and keep up with friends and family. The world is at the touch of a button, so it's not surprising that people turn to mobile phone technology during an emergency situation as well.

In recent years, social media has taken on a larger role in disaster response. When the regular means of contacting emergency help, such as calling 9-1-1 or an emergency hotline, fall through, residents often take to Twitter and Facebook to reach out for help. For this reason, it is critical that public safety managers use these platforms to better understand the scope of an emergency, and to help the community prepare. 

These days, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can play a big role in emergency awareness. While they are fallible as the first line of response, they are a platform to spread preparedness information residents might otherwise miss. If safety managers want to reach out to It's important to know that tags the community might be looking into, either ahead of or during an emergency. This includes the popular hashtags citizens might use or follow. Finding the most common tags on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will not only help safety teams better connect with residents during an emergency situation, but also help get in touch with the discourse in your community. 

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How Can Hashtags Help with Public Safety Social Media Posts?

Hashtags can promote better communication for residents as a whole and build public safety awareness. Public announcements and from town and local officials will better the community. People use the hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in a Twitter search.

Twitter is one of the fastest ways for your community to keep up to date with the news—especially local news. In recent years, it has become the most relevant social media platform. The discourse on public safety finds a forum on Twitter, both locally and on a national scale.

Here are some popular public safety hashtags you should be using in your posts. 

General Public Safety Hashtags 

  1. #PublicSafety
  2. #SafetyTip
  3. #NationalPreparednessMonth
  4. #SavingLives
  5. #RoadSafety
  6. #Safety
  7. #PublicSafetyIncidents
  8. #TransitSafety
  9. #LESM (Law Enforcement Social Media)
  10. #CommunityPolicing
  11. #Police

First Responders

  1. #FirstResponders
  2. #FireSafety
  3. #911Dispatchers
  4. #LawEnforcement
  5. #FirstNet
  6. #EmergencyResponse
  7. #SecondResponders
  8. #ModernPolicing
  9. #IAM911


  1. #Emergency
    1. #Hurricane
    2. #Flooding
    3. #Tornado
    4. #Storm
  2. #EmergencyServices
  3. #Disaster
  4. #EmergencyManagement

It's important to understand the impact of technology on emergency communication. If you want an effective way to distribute information through multiple platforms - whether that is social media, e-mail, text, or voice message, an emergency notification system can help. A mass notification system can also help reach residents on the platform they most frequent, whether it's on social media or email.

In the same way identifying an important hashtag can help reach a community, mass notification further broadens the reach of local safety managers during an emergency. Make sure that your community is exploring all avenues of communications - if these hashtags prove anything, it is that the public is looking for resources during emergency situations. Whether it is a natural weather emergency or a road accident, increasing public awareness through hashtags and notifications is valuable.

There are other innovative tools that can help improve local communications. For example, a call taker initiated two-way texting system can help reduce unresolved cases such as butt dials or when someone is in a situation where they are unable to talk. This tool has proved valuable in a variety of emergency situations, from cases of domestic violence to kidnappings. If your goal is to improve the overall reach of your emergency response, a chat tool could be the best technology to expand these efforts. 

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