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world1-3In The News This Week

This week in industry news, ECN shares how researchers at the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) are aiming to make virtual reality simulations more of a reality for first responders, enabling them to learn and practice how to best operate and communicate in emergencies. The goal of this research is to spur industry developers to come up with user interfaces - visual indicators, sounds, voice commands - that are better, cheaper, proven effective and brought to market faster than otherwise would be possible.

Key Highlights:

  • Possible technologies could allow for interfaces to be embedded in firefighters' masks or through smart glasses worn by medical technicians. A visual display might show the temperature in the room or audio might warn that oxygen is low in a backpack tank.
  • Testing interfaces in real emergencies could expose first responders to high risk. Virtual reality offers a safer venue and can help ensure that innovations have a positive impact.
  • So far, the software programs feature firefighting scenarios in a hotel, a mountain home, and an office environment. Users can choose their locations within the scenario and operate a controller to simulate a fire hose.

Developing any new product for first responders requires complex and resource-intensive testing. The goal is to develop technology that better informs and protects first responders in action.

You can access the full story here

This Week From the Rave Team

Read some of the stories our writers were most excited to share with you this week. To access all of our stories, check out our blog.

ASIS 2018 Thoughts and Expectations2018_asis_nyc_480x100

On May 16-18th, more than 25,000 security and law enforcement professionals from the private and public sector will gather in New York for the 2018 ASIS conference. The event is an opportunity to network with leaders in the field, and to learn about the top issues facing security professionals today, including anti-terrorism tactics and other critical problems facing urban areas. Check out what critical concerns in the safety and security fields we anticipate having conversations about at the show. 



Police Week_thumbnail-01National Police Week Honors Fallen or Injured Law Enforcement

In May, law enforcement officers from across the country will travel to Washington D.C. to participate in a series of events and ceremonies for National Police Week. The week coincides with Peace Officers Memorial day, which falls on May 15th, and both of which are meant to honor the law enforcement officers who lost their lives or were severely injured while serving their communities.


Rave in the News

The University of South Carolina, a current Rave Guardian user, ranks among the safest college campuses in America, according to a recent study by an affiliate of ADT security company. This ranking is a testament to the innovative and strategic work of the university's public safety professionals. 

The university is currently working toward the mandatory training for nearly 10,000 of their administrators, faculty and staff. They are also continuing to evaluate building-security plans down to the individual room level to provide their community with even more information in the event of an emergency situation. 

Faculty, staff, and students are supporting public safety on campus by reporting suspicious activity by adhering to the "See Something, Say Something" campaign launched across USC's campus. Concerned community members are encouraged to report suspicious behavior by calling public safety directly or using the Rave Guardian safety app. 

To learn more about the incredible work coming out of USC's public safety department, read the full story here.

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In October of 2019, officials at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe High School in Texas disclosed the devastating long term impact of...

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