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This week in industry news, StateTech published a piece on the recent surge of state and local agencies tapping unmanned aerial vehicles to improve emergency response and law enforcement visuals. While regulations are still in the works and the technology still has a way to go, innovate governments are starting to test drones in the field with hopes that they can solve several civic challenges.

Key Highlights:

  • Law enforcement can get eyes on the scene more quickly and can improve situational awareness for officers first to arrive at an emergency
  • Drones can simplify disaster response by surveying roads and damage in places that helicopters can't reach and can assist local response agencies by updating them on available routes and warning them of road blockages
  • The technology exists to help stop drones from entering unwanted airspace through geofencing, or virtual perimeters based on GPS data, to keep drones out of certain, restricted areas

Not sure if your community is ready to commit to drone technology? There are plenty of other innovate public safety strategies you can explore to better protect your citizenry that might be an easier first step.

This Week From the Rave Team

Read some of the stories our writers were most excited to share with you this week. To access all of our stories, check out our blog.

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Are you able to initiate two-way conversations based on an employee's real-time location? A geo-poll is a unique poll-based alerting feature that allows you to solicit information and location data to a select group of recipients through SMS text, voice, and email. Learn how this feature can improve your business continuity needs.



Why School Shooting Statistics Are Still Difficult to Record

Weeks after the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the national conversation surrounding gun violence has yet to slow down. We break down the inconsistencies associated with school shooting statistics and provide you the insight to speak knowledgeably during your next conversation on school gun violence.


Rave in the News

Colorado College recently held their annual Safety Week to educate students on general safety tips, different safety resources available to them on campus, and targeted safety training workshops. One workshop in particular focused on active assailant training and what a student might be expected to do in the case of an intruder emergency.

Colorado College Campus Resource Officer Marty Toland emphasized that while the chance of an active assailant intruding on CC's campus is slim, it is still important to arm community members with the procedural awareness needed during an emergency.

Students were also reminded that during an emergency, campus communications would be sent to them through the mass notification system Rave Alert. If students had information to share with campus safety officers, they could connect with them through the Rave Guardian campus safety app or by dialing 911 directly.

You can access the full story here.

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In an era where school safety concerns are more urgent than ever, having strong emergency procedures in place is a core part of preparedness. Administrators and school safety...

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