The Latest on Workplace Violence Statistics

October 30, 2017



The Latest on Workplace Violence Statistics

 by Andrea Lebron

 Published on October 30, 2017, Updated on January 20, 2018


Below are the latest workplace violence statistics broken down by incident demographics, reasons, financial burdens, and a closer look at active shooter statistics in the workplace.

Workplace Violence Statistics Demographics

–  Every year, nearly 2 million U.S. workers will become victims of workplace violence

–  The healthcare industry makes up 9% of the U.S. workforce, yet healthcare professionals experience more workplace violence injuries than all other industries combined

–  Out of all 7 possible causes of death at the workplace, homicides make up 9%

–  The third leading cause of death for workers in the healthcare and professional services industries (education, law and media) is due to workplace violence

–  More on education: 44% of teachers reported being physically attacked while at school within one year

–  For women, workplace violence is the second leading cause of death while on the job

–  In 2014, almost 16,000 workers experienced workplace violence and 69% were in the healthcare and social assistance industry

–  30,000 rape or sexual assaults occur to women at work each year

–  As of 2013, 19% or most workplace violence injuries occurred in California and Texas


Reason for Workplace Violence

–  There have been 150 employee-on-employee killings since 2010

–  2 out of 3 workplace homicides are committed by someone not close to the victim

–  21 percent of workplace homicide perpetrators are co-workers

–  Robberies account for 85% of workplace violence deaths

–  Employees with potential to commit workplace violence tend to exhibit 8 behaviors such as acting out of character or exhibiting addictive habits

workplace violence statistics

Workplace Violence Financial Data

–  $3 or more is saved for each dollar invested in workplace safety:

–  $121 billion annual losses are attributed to workplace assaults

–  Domestic violence issues that are brought to the workplace cost nearly $727 million in lost productivity

–  Workplace catastrophes such as violent incidents have caused publicly-traded companies to lose close to 8% in shareholder value

–  Lawsuits associated with workplace violence cost companies an average of $500,000 for out-of-court settlements


Workplace Shootings, Active Shooters

–  Out of all mass shootings since 1966, 27% occurred at workplaces

–  70% of all active shooter incidents are within a commerce/business or educational setting

–  96% of active shooters are lone males

–  40% of active shooter assailants commit suicide

–  Approximately 25% of companies are unprepared for active shooter incidents

–  In 2014 and 2015, police exchanged gun-fire with the assailant in 14 active shooter incidents

–  In nearly half of active shooter incidents, police are unable to respond under 10 minutes

  Active shooters are nearly twice as likely to die if the shooting occurs in a factory or warehouse, compared to commercial settings


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