Upgraded Incident Management Solution Bolsters Campus Safety and Communication

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A new software integration delivers a better and more effective incident management solution to enhance situational awareness and response efforts on college campuses

A Web-based Incident Management Solution

Intermedix, a Rave Mobile Safety strategic partner, announced the release of eICS for Higher Education, a web-based incident management solution that provides universities and colleges with the tools they need to plan for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and pre-planned events of any scale.

The eICS incident management solution promotes one common operating picture that can be shared with both university personnel and outside agencies using existing integrations with WebEOC. Integration between eICS and WebEOC allows a university to seamlessly and directly share data with community partners who use an existing WebEOC instance.

Intermedix is a proud Rave partner and industry leader in the Emergency Preparedness space and our solutions are relied upon by customers all over the world in industries such as banking, insurance, academia, energy, transportation, health and local/national government. We are excited to work with Rave Mobile Safety to introduce our latest solution, eICS for Higher Education, created with your campus’s ever-changing needs and populations in mind.

We’re excited to share the top five features of eICS for Higher Education: 

1. Notification Integration and Automation

eICS delivers automated notifications, allowing administrators to focus on the event at hand rather than spending additional effort in tracking down and contacting university resources. Users can be categorized and grouped to be notified for the types of events that require their involvement. Additionally, through eICS’ integration with Rave Alert, universities have the ability to send out targeted or mass notifications in real time to the campus community through phones, email, text, social media and more. Administrators can coordinate with on-campus staff, and emergency responders by collecting real-time alert and poll responses to adjust in your incident management solution.

2. Event Logging and Documentation Management

eics event logging

Through the electronic event log, users can document and track all aspects of an event taking place within their campus, in addition to those occurring at their satellite locations. The log not only serves to record events for compliance documentation, but also allows you to review and confirm the incident timeline. Having the ability to monitor and oversee these types of situations in one system is essential to ensuring campus-wide safety.

3. Web-based ICS Response Guides

The eICS incident management solution allows universities to create incident response guides (IRG) that are based on NIMS and ICS standards and can be tailored to address existing emergency management plans. Response guides help define the mission, objectives and assignments that will direct your organization’s response during an incident. 

4. Position Assignment and Responsibilities

eICS, an incident management solution, offers exceptional flexibility in configuring your university’s command structure. The ICS Chart is scalable to your unique needs and allows for customization and group building throughout all stages of response. As individuals are assigned to positions, the solution automatically allocates the appropriate tasks and objectives, so each individual immediately knows their responsibilities

5. After Action Reports and Improvement Plans

eICS reports, ICS forms, and even after action reports are available on demand to aid your institution’s recovery efforts and documentation requirements. In your incident management solution, common incident elements are automatically populated when a standard form or report is generated, including the incident name, date, time and operational period.

Ready to learn more about the eICS incident management solution? Learn more by scheduling a demo.

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Sam Klietz

Written by Sam Klietz

Sam Klietz is the Senior Vice President of Global Business Development at Intermedix. He has spent the past 10 years focusing his efforts on the leveraging of preparedness, response and recovery technologies to address the needs of tomorrow's resilience today. As a member of senior leadership for the Intermedix emergency preparedness division, Sam is responsible for overseeing worldwide market development in national, regional and local government, defense, healthcare, oil and gas, higher education, transportation and other commercial industries. Sam obtained his bachelor's degree in human biology at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and his masters of business administration at Marquette University with international graduate study at the Graduate School of Management in France and the National University of Ireland.


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