How Community Marketing Can Drive Technology Adoption

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Community MarketingGetting your community to adopt a new technology can be a challenge, especially when there are various levels of generations and technological aptitude. Education is key to getting your community to take ownership of technology and a major part of maximizing its success. One way to accomplish this is through community marketing.

What is Community Marketing?

Community marketing is engaging with consumers based on their needs. In the technology/software world, this means formalizing an outreach plan by using resources such as marketing collateral and presentations to educate community members about the technology, to ultimately drive adoption. Success hinges on demonstrating the benefits to the community. For technology companies like Rave Mobile Safety, this is critical and requires a Community Marketing Manager to oversee outreach efforts.

Introducing Rave’s Community Marketing Manager – Sasha Vargas

Sasha VargasWhether a city has decided to invest in digital personal safety profiles for their community or a school district has taken the first step into expediting emergency response with a panic button app, a Community Marketing Manager can help get the community to buy into the new technology. Sasha Vargas, Rave’s new Community Marketing Manager, plays that role today.

As Sasha puts it, her purpose is to:

“…drive effective local, regional and national community outreach campaigns to ensure the successful launch or continued adoption of a Rave product in the community. As part of her responsibilities, Sasha increases brand presence, engagement and awareness among Rave’s customer communities. She establishes, maintains and strengthens new and existing relationships with clients, advocacy groups and media outlets.”

Sasha knows all too well how important outreach efforts are in ensuring successful adoption. As the previous 9-1-1 Public Educator for the Charleston County Consolidated 9-1-1 Center in South Carolina, Sasha had spent the last five years teaching the local community about 9-1-1 before joining Rave. She prides herself in having presented at or been involved with over 1,000 public education events. This background is what makes Sasha empathetic to the real struggles of organization leaders trying to convince their community to use a new communication tool, especially when data shows that it’s getting harder to capture people’s attention using standard communication methods.

Steps to Ensuring Successful Technology Adoption

For any organization, whether it be a city, 9-1-1 center, or business, to successfully drive adoption, Sasha recommends four steps they should follow.

  1. Find out who your customer success and community marketing managers are. The first step is very easy and it’s just knowing who to go to anytime you need help with your product or outreach efforts. One way to know the company you’re buying technology from really has your best interest at heart is that they have someone dedicated to your success both in using and promoting the technology. Easy access to training materials and speedy support is also key.

  2. Don’t assume your community knows everything. Start with the basics when introducing something new. During her time as the 9-1-1 Public Educator, Sasha spent most of her time explaining everything from what 9-1-1 is to what to do if you’ve accidently pocket-dialed 9-1-1. You should be prepared to explain how the product your introducing works and why it’s important, but it’s important to gauge how much your community knows and build your outreach initiatives around that.

  3. Have educational materials ready for every phase. Sasha works closely with customers on creating a variety of marketing materials that speak to their community members’ level of knowledge. Every community is unique. A city in a hurricane-prone region might have a large vulnerable needs population that would need help evacuating and a healthcare organization might have a large group of traveling staff.

  4. summit2019_squareLeverage any opportunities you can to learn from others, even those not in your industry. Take advantage of any training events where you can not only learn how to optimize the use of your technology, but also interact with others using the same technology. Sasha points out that the Rave Summit 2019 is a must-attend event for that very reason. Attendees have a chance to meet one-on-one with product managers, provide valuable feedback on product enhancements, as well as network with other product users from different organizations across the U.S. and Canada.

We’re Here to Help

Sasha invites you to provide any feedback as a current Rave customer and of course, encourages to submit any marketing questions you might have. Looking for marketing materials to help with your current outreach efforts? Check out our marketing portal.

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Written by Andrea Lebron

Andrea is Rave's Director of Digital Marketing, a master brainstormer and avid coffee drinker. Andrea joined Rave in August 2017, after 10 years of proposal and corporate marketing at an environmental engineering firm. You'll find her working with her amazing team in writing and producing blogs like this one, improving your journey to and through our website, and serving you up the best email content. When she's not in front of a keyboard, she's chasing after her three daughters or indulging in her husband's latest recipe. Andrea has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Management from Northeastern University and an MBA from Curry College.


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