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The 2019 Rave Mobile Safety User Summit will take place in Orlando, Florida on April 8-10. The event will bring together customers and industry leaders in public safety and emergency management. Attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback for new products, share their use cases and best practices, and participate in peer-led discussions. It’s a chance to connect and network with professionals in the same field, learn more about Rave’s unique platform of solutions, and to explore sunny Orlando and its many attractions.

There are many reasons the annual summit is worth checking out, but both customers and members of the Rave team consider the Guru Lounge a highlight of the weekend. Customers are able to schedule a time with a Rave Guru, and during their individual appointment will be able to ask questions, provide feedback, or just have a conversation about Rave’s platform of solutions. The lounge is yet another opportunity for us to hear how we can improve our platform of solutions, and it’s another opportunity to for you to optimize the use of these products to fit your public safety or emergency management needs.

Meet The 2018 Rave User Summit Gurus

Crystal Ayco


Specialty: Rave 911 Suite & Panic Button - Click here to book Crystal 

Crystal Ayco Crystal Ayco is the Rave Mobile Safety Customer Success Ops Sr. Manager. During the last 3 years with Rave, she has been responsible for facilitating county and statewide implementations of Rave’s life-saving technologies across the nation. Crystal, previously an operations coordinator for a large 9-1-1 Center, has 15+ years 9-1-1 hands-on experience in all aspects of 9-1-1 including telecommunicator, dispatcher, training, project, and operations management.


Laura Costello


Specialty:  Rave 911 Suite & Rave Panic Button - Click here to book Laura

Laura CostelloLaura Costello is Senior Product Manager for the Rave 911 Suite. She can’t believe she has already been with Rave for 18 months. Her background is in engineering, and she’s glad to be writing requirements these days instead of code. Now she works with clients to explore new and innovative ways to support your public safety mission. If you have ideas, she wants to hear them. When not at work, you’ll find Laura out hiking and photographing wildflowers.


Bill Homer


Specialty: K-12 Schools & Government - Click here to book Bill

Bill HomerBill has been with Rave for 11 years and is currently our Sr. Director of Solutions Architecture.  Bill’s first 9 years at Rave were largely focused on Services and Support, where he managed and grew that team.  He has personally been involved with hundreds of deployments of all solutions across all of the various verticals.  Bill is now heavily engaged with the Sales team to provide technical and solutions expertise in the pre-sales process.  Prior to his time at Rave, Bill enjoyed time with ESPN, AT&T and the U.S. Navy, where he was a Navy Logistics Officer.

Dwane Razzaetti


Specialty: SwiftReach Solutions - Click here to book Dwane 

Dwane RazzettiDwane Razzetti has been involved in emergency management since 1989 on both municipal and county levels. Dwane was the deputy coordinator and coordinator of emergency management since 1992. As a county coordinator, one of Dwane's primary responsibilities was to form best practices surrounding the use of the county's emergency notification system. Dwane was instrumental in improving processes and planning for crisis situations including natural disasters and criminal activities. Dwane also worked closely with the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. Additionally, Dwane served as the bomb squad commander/hazardous device technician and as a senior crisis negotiator for the county police department. Dwane started with SwiftReach in April of 2013.

Matt Roth


Specialty: Rave Guardian - Click here to book Matt

Matt RothMatt Roth hails from Western Mass and is passionate about making products that solve real problems. He got started in product management working in Health-IT. Matt served as a Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador, thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2017, and loves art of all kinds.




Sasha Vargas


Specialty: Community Outreach Best Practices - Click here to book Sasha

Sasha Vargas-2Sasha Vargas is the Community Marketing Manager for Rave Mobile Safety, where she is responsible for driving effective local, regional, and national community outreach campaigns to increase brand presence, engagement, and awareness among to Rave Mobile Safety customer’s communities. Sasha establish, maintain and strengthen new and existing relationships with clients, advocacy groups, and media outlets. She has previously served in Charleston County Consolidated 9-1-1 Center as the 9-1-1 Public Educator for 5 years.

Brett Marceau


Specialty: All Rave Solutions - Click here to book Brett

Brett MarceauBrett Marceau is responsible for Rave’s development, quality assurance, and technical operations teams. Prior to joining Rave, Brett was a software architect/technical lead at Oracle where he was responsible for the architecture, design, and development of various applications. Previously, Brett was a software architect at eDocs where he designed, implemented, and consulted on the companies flagship product and was also recognized as a key contributor during the Siebel acquisition. 

Kelly Faveri


Specialty: Rave Alert - Click here to book Kelly

Kelly FaveriHailing from the Great White North, Kelly Faveri began her career working for a major Canadian Television Broadcaster. After spending four years navigating the TV Commercial Sales World, she found her true passion of passing her wisdom onto others through software training. As the Client Support and Training Specialist at a media software company, she implemented their proprietary software within TV and Radio stations across North America. Since becoming a part of the Rave Software team in 2013, her role as Director of Client Services allows her to interact directly with Emergency Manager Professionals, ensuring a successful experience using the emergency notification tool. She looks forward to connecting with you personally at the Rave Summit!

Scott McGrath


Specialty: Rave Alert -  Click here to book Scott

Scott McGrathScott McGrath is Public Safety Solutions Architect, collaborating with Rave Mobile Safety customers both before and after adopting Rave's products. Scott has been with Rave Mobile Safety for over 11 years in several roles, acting as Senior Product Manager on several Rave Mobile Safety products, and working with customers directly as a client resource and solutions architect, to ensure that our products are optimized for the specific needs of our customers and focused on best practices - before, during and after onboarding. Rave customers are passionate about public safety and communications, and Scott's prime directive is to ensure that our platform supports and enhances the important work our customers are doing every day.

David Batastini


Specialty: Rave Alert - Click here to book David

DAVID BATASTINIDavid Batastini is Senior Director of Product Management at Rave Mobile Safety. David loves to learn, and combines this drive with his passion for technology and innovation to create the roadmap for Rave Alert and Rave Guardian. Day-to-day, David works with Rave's customers, prospects, and internal teams to discover the challenges our clients face in emergency and routine communications. He uses these learnings to design features and functionality for the Rave Platform that tackle these challenges and make client outcomes better. When he's not repeatedly asking "why?", you'll find David taking a hobby to excessive extremes. David has been trying to focus and realize Todd Piett's ideas for over 3 years.

If you’re still on the fence about making an appointment at the Guru Lounge during the 2019 Rave Summit, two Gurus from previous years have some thoughts. The lounge can help attendees with all manner of concerns or team members are happy to field any thoughts on the products. These Gurus are ready to spill what makes the lounge their favorite part of the Rave User Summit.

David Batastini’s Top 5

Senior Director, Product Management


1. Customers Bring Real Issues

These are not the usual use cases outlined in an RFP. At the Guru Lounge, customers bring real world challenges and use cases. It’s important to listen to these stories since they are the true test of how flexible our products can be.

2. We’re Here to Help: Shoulder to Shoulder

There are no strings attached.  Rave Mobile Safety’s resources are 100% dedicated to understanding our customer’s concerns and helping them have optimal success with our products.

3. Meaningful Conversation
Some of the most impactful interactions at the Rave Summit come from the introduction of one customer to another.  Our customers all share a common mission and are often willing to share experiences, frustrations, successes and knowledge. The Guru Lounge can be an opportunity to figure out what you, the customers, have to share with other industry leaders while at the event.

4. New Solutions

Rave can only fix what we know is broken. As tuned in as we strive to be, customers often use the lounge as an opportunity to bring up new challenges we didn’t think of.  Some of the most powerful Rave features are derived from these conversations. Without uncovering an issue, Rave can’t help create a solution .

5. We’re people too!

People often think of software providers as just another faceless vendor. Rave strives to be a public safety partner that all our customers can trust in the times they need us most. Yes, I’m a Computer Science major that owns a propeller head hat, and this role combines my passion for technology with the customer’s deep understanding of “how things really work”, ensuring that Rave is building the right solutions.

Scott McGrath's Top 5

Public Safety Solutions Architect 

1. Interpersonal Feedback

Rave Mobile Safety has the greatest customers, and we are always impressed with their dedication, thoughtfulness, and dedication to the safety of their organizations and constituents. Rave wants to meet that dedication with an equal commitment to help customers optimize their use of our products, answer questions, identify underutilized features, and explore options for extending the value of their Rave Mobile Safety products.

2. Best Practices

Rave customers are eager to learn more about how their peer organizations use our technology, and our SMEs can review practices and offer specific suggestions where they matter. In many cases, a conference session has ignited a discussion of features and functions that will have a positive impact at another site, and a light bulb goes off. We try our best to work with the customer to understand how such an option may or may not meet their needs, and to show the "how" in detail - how to "get there from here" using standard product features, what are the next steps, etc.

3. Details Matter

Because we work with each customer on their specific products and deployments, we can apply the "general" principles much more specifically to their needs as we work through topics of interest. In the Guru Lounge we can customize the discussion and place it in the full context of the solution.

4. Interactive Product Enhancement Discussions

Customers can sit with Rave's Product Managers to discuss enhancement suggestions, but unlike a typical email exchange or remote discussion, the product team is able not only to listen, but explore interactively specific use cases to ensure we have a concrete and complete understanding of the customer's needs. This is an opportunity for Rave to receive direct feedback on product functionality, overall approaches to new ideas, and our thought processes and designs for enhancements - and have our customers guide us on innovations large and small.

5. Customer Focus: What We Learn Improves Our Prioritization

We know it's important to listen and learn. It might seem slightly selfish, but every conversation at the Rave Summit, especially in the Guru Lounge, informs Rave's priorities - not just about our products, but also our services and support, user experience and design, community marketing, training and documentation, and more. From our many conversations, key themes emerge that allow us to consider, prioritize, and adjust. At the next conference, we present the previous year's key priorities and show a scorecard of how our roadmap met them and evolved, or changed to reflect new priorities.

If you think you do your best thinking in the shower, you haven't been to Rave Summit yet. See what else we have in store this year including two keynote speakers, social events and educational opportunities at every corner.

Chief David Brown

Rave Summit 2019


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