Happy 14th Birthday Rave!

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rave 14thIt’s hard to believe Rave has been in business for 14 years. As I was reviewing some documents, I happened to notice that Rave’s birthday is quickly approaching. I figured this is a good time to look back at the past 14 years and how we’ve come to where we are.

A Look Back at Rave's History

2004 – Rave was founded. After founding and building a company that leveraged carrier-based location services to helping manage logistics and service companies, three founders see an opportunity in helping better connect Higher Education Institutes with their students. 

2005 – First clients brought on board. Montclair State University and the University of Southern Florida are still Rave Customers.

2006 – Montclair State is recognized by the Jeannie Clery Foundation for its use of Rave Guardian in helping improve student safety.

2007 – Virginia Tech Shooting. This tragic event was a seminal moment is Rave’s history as colleges and universities turn to proven vendors to help them further improve their ability to communicate during emergencies.

2009 – Rave launches Smart911. Within first year of launch 3 documented live saving incidents: heart attack victim, seizure, and allergic reaction. Rave surpasses 100 client mark.  


2010 – Rave is selected as winner of IDG’s 2010 21st Century Achievement Award. 

2011 – Winner IACP Excellence in Technology Award for work in Nashville TN with Smart911. Rave supports clients in all 50 states.

Rave Logo History

2012 – Rave Surpasses 500 client mark. Arkansas is first to deploy Smart911 statewide. Sandy Hook school shooting prompts Rave to begin working on enhancing communication between 9-1-1, first responders, and school personnel. Hurricane Sandy shows the need for emergency management agencies to better collect and manage information on vulnerable populations, and Rave enhances its Prepare product.

2014 – Rave launches Rave Panic Button after close collaboration with Snohomish County, WA Schools, Newtown, CT and others. Rave offers 9-1-1 centers and public safety agencies tools for better collecting and managing information about facilities in their jurisdictions.

2015 – Rave surpasses 1000 client mark. Rave is awarded is 14th patent.

2017 – Rave surpasses 2000 client mark, with many clients representing hundreds of agencies and/or schools. 20 million active users, and protecting a population of over 50 million. Rave sends 500 million emergency messages, processes approximately 18% of 9-1-1 calls in the country, and is involved in 5000 panic button activations. Rave begins selling products into the enterprise market and acquires two companies expanding its geographic footprint into Canada and also it’s breadth of services available.

2018 – Which brings us to 2018.

By any measure this has been a year of growth and transformation. This year will mark our 10th consecutive year of double digit growth, with the last 3 quarters being the largest in the company’s history. Through strong partnerships we are delivering improved location information on 9-1-1 calls from smart phones, greatly improving the ability of responders to locate and help callers.

SMART911 app-692369-editedRave Panic Button is now protecting thousands of schools from Washington DC and Long Island NY, to counties in Florida and across the country. Smart911 just launched in the City of Chicago, further growing the list of major metropolitan areas supporting this life saving service. New apps were launched for both Smart911 and Rave Guardian that have been extremely well received and already have thousands of downloads. 

Our annual Rave Summit user group was the largest ever and attended by safety officials from 30 different states. The team is growing rapidly, hiring unbelievably talented folks in all departments.

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Finally, most importantly, we continue to hear from our customers about how we are helping them help their constituents. We launched a series of regional events this year to be able to spend more time sitting down with our customers and hearing their use cases and how we can better serve them. It is incredibly motivating and an honor to be able to provide products to an amazing group to clients that are helping to improve safety and ultimately lives.

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Written by Todd Piett

Todd Piett joined Rave in 2005 and today runs the global organization that has its technology deployed at thousands of colleges, universities, businesses and communities. Prior to joining Rave, Todd was responsible for launching new products for Unica Corporation where he helped drive their successful IPO. Previously, Todd was VP of Product and Marketing for iBelong, a portal provider targeting affinity organizations and a Program Manager at Dell Computer where he launched Dell’s branded ISP. Todd graduated with honors from the United States Military Academy at West Point and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. After graduation from West Point he served 7 years in the US Army as an aviation officer.


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Our new whitepaper “How to Keep Employees Safe When Every Second Counts” has been produced to coincide with National Preparedness Month 2019. It reports on the increasing...

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