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The Four Emerging Trends in Corporate Risk Management

"The corporate security landscape for 2018 will focus on identifying realistic needs and aligning them with the right tools to build a robust workplace security and safety program."



Don Aviv, a 20-year veteran in the security field, presented a webinar on four emerging trends in corporate risk management. Here’s a quick overview of his main points and how corporate leaders can implement a more effective and realistic corporate security program.

To start, Don lays out the four emerging trends in corporate risk management.

Trend #1: Successful Deployment of Corporate Security Systems 

Don argues that before deploying security systems, corporations should think twice before spending money on bells and whistles of security technology upgrades. The temptation to spend on frills is due to a misaligned vision of security needs; security budgets should instead keep pace with real security risks such as disgruntled employees. Long-term security planning is critical and should consider total cost of ownership, including ongoing maintenance, add-ons and additional hardware and software tools.

Watch clip 1 of 4 to learn more about successful deployment of security systems.

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Trend #2: Improved Awareness of Workplace Violence and Response

Don reminds us that a huge misconception with workplace violence is that it only involves active shooter incidents. While active shooter incidents invoke the most fear, other types of workplace violence are far more common. Don provides supporting workplace violence statistics.

Because of the diversity of incidents and unique needs of each organization, Don recommends developing a custom security training program focused on prevention and not reaction. Traditional “run, hide, fight” guidelines don’t apply to all organizations and settings. Customized approaches to security will help meet an organization’s specific needs, threats and vulnerabilities.

Watch clip 2 of 4 to learn more about the importance of customized security programs.

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Trend #3: Protecting the Lone Employee

Another major trend in corporate risk management is protecting lone employee, defined by Don as any employee that travels or works from a home office. Whether in the office or in a remote location, corporations still are responsible to protect lone employees. While statistics show that the number of lone employees will grow to 105 million in 2020, many corporations have insufficient resources to deal with this situation. Don also points out that ROIs exist for protecting lone employees and can be accomplished with straight-forward technology-focused tools and ongoing training.

Watch clip 3 of 4 to learn more about protecting the lone employee.

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Trend #4: Enhancing Employee Communication

Rave Mobile Safety’s Product Manager, David Batastini, stepped in at this point to close the webinar and speak about the importance of enhancing communication between employers and employees. His main message is that the better corporations can communicate with employees the better corporations can mitigate workplace threat vector incidents.

David talks about traditional reactions that happens when a workplace incident occurs: the event takes place, corporate leaders try to find out if their employees were present and if so, they try to figure out how to communicate with them by scrambling through various sources such as travel itineraries. By using tools that put one-touch communication in the hands of employees with critical communications platforms such as Rave Alert and Rave Guardian, corporations can better respond to security threats.

Watch clip 4 of 4 to learn more about opportunities for enhanced communication between employers and employees.

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Want to learn more?

The full recording of the webinar is only 28 minutes long, but includes additional tips on corporate risk management and the full Q&A session. Check it out here or let us know if you’re interested in attending more webinars.

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