Tara Gibson

Tara Gibson
Tara is a Marketing Coordinator on the Rave Mobile Safety marketing team. She loves writing about all things K-12, State & Local, Higher Ed, Corporate, and Healthcare, and manages the Rave social media channels. When she's not working, she's taking care of her smiley, shoe eating, Instagram-famous fur baby, Enzo!
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teen mental health suicide pandemic

Why Researchers Are Concerned About Teen Suicide Amid the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everybody. Among the various trials and tribulations faced by families across...
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wildfire air quality hazard smoke

Communicating with your Community About Air Quality Concerns and Hazards

Wildfires have been ravaging the West Coast severely impacting areas in California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado...
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manufacturing employee mental health

Taking Care of Your Manufacturing Employee Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a monumental impact on the nation's mental health according to a report published by...
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senior care facility

iAdvance Webinar Recap: COVID-19 Solutions for Senior Care Facilities

The coronavirus pandemic has completely overwhelmed the healthcare field, especially those working in senior care...
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multi-hazard planning k-12 education

Why Multi-Hazard Planning in K-12 Schools is More Important than Ever

The start of the 2020-2021 academic year has been like no other due to K-12 schools implementing COVID-19 mitigation...
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at-risk mental health

At-Risk Individuals, Return Anxiety, and How Public Health can Help

In jurisdictions where lockdown restrictions have been gradually relaxed, communities have had the opportunity to...
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manufacturing budget

Smarter Year-End Budgeting Solutions in Manufacturing

It has been a challenging year for businesses in the manufacturing industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many...
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covid vaccine

Coordinating the Distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine: Internal Communication is Key

The globe has been anxiously waiting for news about the COVID-19 vaccine, when it will be ready, and how it will be...
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social distancing higher education

How to Encourage Students to Submit Anonymous Tips About Social Distancing Violations

As many higher education institutions from across the United States made the decision to bring students back to...
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911 data jurisdictions

Protecting the Vulnerable: Why Sharing Data Across Jurisdictions and Agencies is Essential

Between the ongoing public health crisis, country-wide civil unrest, and severe storms and weather events, the need...
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healthcare staffing models

How Staffing Models in Healthcare Have Changed due to the COVID-19 Crisis

Over the past decade, staffing models in healthcare have most often been designed to balance the value-driven...
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flu season covid

Flu Season and COVID-19: How to Prepare Your Business this Winter

With the winter months fast approaching, businesses across the United States are still facing the threats of...
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