Tara Gibson

Tara Gibson
Tara is a Marketing Coordinator on the Rave Mobile Safety marketing team. She loves writing about all things K-12, State & Local, Higher Ed, Corporate, and Healthcare, and manages the Rave social media channels. When she's not working, she's taking care of her smiley, shoe eating, Instagram-famous fur baby, Enzo!
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K-12 School Backpack

Back to School: What Do K-12 Schools Look Like Right Now?

The past few months have been a whirlwind with K-12 schools across the country scrambling to figure out the best way...
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Law Enforcement Vehicle

Law Enforcement Agencies are Creating Meaningful Partnerships to Assist with Mental Health Calls

It’s no question; 2020 has been an extremely difficult year. As the country grapples with the ongoing coronavirus...
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healthcare crisis fatigue

What is Crisis Fatigue and Why are Healthcare Employees Likely Experiencing it?

The year of 2020 has proven to be an extremely stressful year between the coronavirus pandemic, nationwide protests...
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30-40 Million Risk Eviction: Is a ‘Homeless Pandemic’ Looming?

A group of housing researchers released a new report in August that found between 30 and 40 million people in the...
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The Benefit of SMS Virtual Wellness Checks for Employees

Virtual wellness checks for employees are regarded as an effective way to keep on top of employees' physical and...
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Could Your Healthcare Facility Better Streamline Daily Employee Health Checks and More?

Healthcare facilities across the world have been overwhelmed with the ongoing public health crisis; the coronavirus....
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Digital Transformation for Manufacturing Facilities: How Enterprise Architecture Plays a Role

Manufacturers across the globe are continuously looking for ways to improve their manufacturing processes, increase...
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What to Know About COPS 10 Essential Actions to Improve Safety

Amid our current climate, K-12 schools and districts are focusing school safety efforts primarily on how to reopen...
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Overcoming Language Barriers for More Effective Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is one of the most effective ways to prevent community transmission of COVID-19. However, some...
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7 Ways in Which IT Has Helped Us Cope during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The last six months has been devastating for many people. Tens of thousands of families have lost loved ones,...
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How (some) Manufacturing Plants have Updated Procedures amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The manufacturing industry has been through a tough time recently. Not only have workplace operations been affected...
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A Breakdown of New York’s Federal Funding to Support Emergency Planning and Response

Earlier this year, FEMA distributed more than $355 million in federal funding to support emergency planning and...
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