Andrea Lebron

Andrea Lebron
Andrea is Rave's Director of Digital Marketing, a master brainstormer and avid coffee drinker. Andrea joined Rave in August 2017, after 10 years of proposal and corporate marketing at an environmental engineering firm. You'll find her working with her amazing team in writing and producing blogs like this one, improving your journey to and through our website, and serving you up the best email content. When she's not in front of a keyboard, she's chasing after her three daughters or indulging in her husband's latest recipe. Andrea has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Management from Northeastern University and an MBA from Curry College.
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Recent Posts

There is a lot of conversation around student safety and it can be difficult to identify what to read to get the most value.

A Content Roundup of Top School Safety Resources

While the debate about gun control continues, schools need to prioritize student safety. According to the Washington...
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home healthcare safety

How to Comply with OSHA's Guideline Safety Controls for Home Healthcare Workers

The relevance of complying with OSHA's guideline safety controls for home healthcare workers has recently taken on...
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Modern wireless technology and social media illustration

New Report: How Tech Empowers Traveling Healthcare Workers' Personal Safety

Community nurses, personal home care aides, and other traveling staff practice in some of the most dangerous...
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protect traveling nurses

Most State Laws to Prevent Workplace Violence in Healthcare Fail to Protect Traveling Nurses

Although OSHA enforces a duty of care on employers to protect staff from foreseeable hazards and has produced...
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active shooter threats healthcare

Why it is Harder for Healthcare Facilities to Defend against Active Shooter Threats

Healthcare facilities find it harder to defend against active shooter threats than other soft targets because...
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soft target security

Increasing Soft Target Security - One Year On

Just over a year ago, we published a blog entitled “How to Harden Soft Target Locations” which tackled the subject...
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top 5 workplace violence blogs

A Closer Look at Our Top 5 Workplace Violence Blogs

Our top 5 workplace violence blogs reveals common themes running throughout. Typically, these are attributable to a...
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student mental health in higher education

How Technology can Help Resolve the Issue of Student Mental Health in Higher Education

The subject of deteriorating student mental health in higher education is frequently represented in the media as a...
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emergency notification industry

There's a Shift Coming to the Emergency Notification Industry with Rave's SwiftReach Networks Acquisition

Today, Rave announced the acquisition of SwiftReach Networks (SwiftReach), creating the largest and most robust...
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Community Marketing

How Community Marketing Can Drive Technology Adoption

Getting your community to adopt a new technology can be a challenge, especially when there are various levels of...
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What is a safe city

You've Heard of a 'Smart City', but What is a 'Safe City'?

The rise of "Smart City" programs across the United States and the globe has led proponents to wonder how public...
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staffing in healthcare

5 Best Practices for Addressing Staffing in Healthcare

Staffing in healthcare is such a complex topic that a proposal to limit the number of patients assigned to nurses...
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