Andrea Lebron

Andrea Lebron
Andrea is Rave's Director of Digital Marketing, a master brainstormer and avid coffee drinker. Andrea joined Rave in August 2017, after 10 years of proposal and corporate marketing at an environmental engineering firm. You'll find her working with her amazing team in writing and producing blogs like this one, improving your journey to and through our website, and serving you up the best email content. When she's not in front of a keyboard, she's chasing after her three daughters or indulging in her husband's latest recipe. Andrea has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Management from Northeastern University and an MBA from Curry College.
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disaster recovery plan

How Out-of-Date is Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

According to a survey of disaster recovery decision makers, only one-in-seven businesses continuously update their...
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5 Essentials for Emergency Messaging Systems

It's quite understandable that different state and local governments and federal agencies should have different...
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The Typical Structure of a Non-Medical Emergency Management Team

What Makes a Comprehensive Hospital Emergency Management Team?

A comprehensive Hospital Emergency Management Team is a team designed to cope with any internal or localized...
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police line active shooter business

60% of Active Shooter Incidents in 2018 Occurred in Businesses

The FBI’s recently-released “Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2018” report reveals that, of...
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national incident command system

Should More Corporate Safety Plans Adopt National Incident Command System Components?

Many corporate safety plans are “isolated” inasmuch as they deal with how organizations will respond individually in...
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gun violence police line

How Prepared is Your School to Cope with Gun Violence?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently published a guide for K-12 schools for preventing and protecting...
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violence against teachers statisitcs

The Latest Violence Against Teachers Statistics

Finding accurate violence against teachers statistics is practically impossible due to the varying ways in which...
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Community Policing Strategie_editorial image

Examples of Community Policing Strategies at Work

Although community policing and the efforts surrounding it may look different in each jurisdiction, there are many...
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CMS Hospital Star ratings

What are CMS Hospital Star Ratings and How Are They Calculated?

CMS Hospital Star Ratings are a quick-reference guide to the performance metrics of more than 4,500 hospitals...
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communication technology is just as vital as traditional security solutions in schools

Why Communication Technology is Just as Vital as Traditional Security Solutions in Schools

At the recent NSCA Business and Leadership Conference, Michele Gay, the mother of a victim of the Sandy Hook school...
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domestic violence in the workplace

The Prevalence of Domestic Violence in the Workplace and How to Address It

Statistics relating to domestic violence in the workplace are often out-of-date and generally unreliable....
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emergency notification system

How Denver Health Improved its Emergency Notification System

Denver Health and Hospital Authority improved its emergency notification system with a new solution, that also...
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