Andrea Lebron

Andrea Lebron
Andrea is Rave's Director of Digital Marketing, a master brainstormer and avid coffee drinker. Andrea joined Rave in August 2017, after 10 years of proposal and corporate marketing at an environmental engineering firm. You'll find her working with her amazing team in writing and producing blogs like this one, improving your journey to and through our website, and serving you up the best email content. When she's not in front of a keyboard, she's chasing after her three daughters or indulging in her husband's latest recipe. Andrea has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Management from Northeastern University and an MBA from Curry College.
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mass notification systems for healthcare

8 Things to Look for When Evaluating Mass Notification Systems for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations can save a considerable amount of time by considering eight things to look for when...
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Reauthorization of PAPHPA Increases Disaster Preparedness Support for Hospitals

The recent reauthorization of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA) provides additional support for...
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How Company Campus Security Teams Can Combat Avoidable Threats

Due to the volume and variety of threats to people and property in the workplace, developing a company campus...
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Do Proposals to Protect Public Transportation Employees Go Far Enough?

A bill to protect public transportation employees from assault has been introduced into Congress. The proposals...
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How Manufacturers can Address Quality Issues and Protect the Bottom Line through Streamlined Communication

Unplanned downtime and product recalls can significantly drive up costs in the manufacturing industry; yet, because...
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shutterstock_272405753 (2)

Could Your Business Answer “Yes” to Eight or More Emergency Preparedness Questions?

This year's hurricane season is forecasted to have the third highest level of storm intensity this decade, yet many...
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Q&A With Chief David O. Brown on Mental Health

Q&A with Chief David O. Brown on Mental Health Awareness in the Law Enforcement Community and Beyond

In a recent webinar “Addressing Mental Health for Improved Community Safety”, retired Dallas Police Chief David O....
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Fatal Accident Sparks Discussion about Lone Worker Checking-In Policies

The tragic death of a vineyard worker has sparked a discussion about whether all employers should have lone worker...
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Do HIPAA Exemptions during Mental Health Emergencies Really Exist?

One of the biggest obstacles to addressing mental health for improved community safety is a misunderstanding of the...
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The Difference between Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity for Hospitals

Distinguishing between emergency preparedness and business continuity in a medical environment can be complicated...
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The Importance of a Hurricane Emergency Preparedness Plan for Non-Coastal Businesses

Non-coastal businesses may not feel they are at significant risk during hurricane season; but, as recent history...
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Safe and Sound Schools Releases the State of School Safety Report 2019

Safe and Sound Schools' State of School Safety Report 2019 reveals disparities still exist in how school safety is...
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