3rd Annual Smart Telecommunicator Awards


tele_banner_postNational Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week is April 13-19, 2014

Smart911 is proud to recognize the professionals behind the 9-1-1 calls. 9-1-1 telecommunicators work tirelessly day in and day out to ensure that each emergency is responded to effectively and every caller receives the assistance they need.

One national winner will received a plaque recognizing their efforts, an announcement to the media, a $1000 donation to their charity of choice, and the title of 2014 Smart Telecommunicator.

Four regional honorees will receive a plaque recognizing their efforts, a $500 donation to their charity of choice and the title of Regional Honoree.

See last year’s winners        


Winners will be announced during National Public Safety Telecommunications Week April 14-18.



311 thoughts on “3rd Annual Smart Telecommunicator Awards

  1. Are 911 communications employees who aren’t 911 telecommunicators eligible for this award? I would like to nominate our 911 Coordinator.

  2. Angie reports to work every day with a contagious smile. She genuinely cares for the Citizens of High Point and for her co-workers. She goes above the call of duty to ensure she gives the best service possible.

  3. What does not kill us makes us stronger. So proud of Angie and her comeback from tragedy! Helping others helps us cope with our own losses.

  4. Servicing 3 cities at once and still able to think on the fly, Great Job Sergio!!! FIRECOMM 9-1-1 should be proud.

  5. Angela Servey formerly worked at the High Point Public Library and was constantly being complimented for her excellent customer service. Reading her story above and seeing what a great job she’s doing serving the community only reinforces to me what a wonderful person she is.

  6. Very proud of u Sergio Aguayo… u r one real man… U give ur all to ur Family n most important ur job u kepp it 100%… U r decorated to wur u love to do help safe peoples lifes… Thank u for all u do

  7. Angie is a great person, co-worker, and friend. She has went through hard times and has used that to her advantage to help others.

  8. Great job Katlyn Mitchell for utilizing your EMD skills! What an amazing experience to help deliver a baby over the phone! You inspired so many people that day. Amazing job!

  9. Congratulations to Garin Worth, as a father and a police officer I understand both sides of the call. It takes a hero to truly make a difference in this world and Garin Worth should reveive this award for giving life back to Lexi when it was clear that it was in the balance, while also giving the family many years of unknown opportunities to enjoy Lexi in the future.

  10. Angela Servey is a calming voice during the most stressful of calls. She is always professional and pleasant to deal with.

  11. Heidi has worked for us for many years. She is a proven leader in her field and an asset to our agency. During an armed burglary incident with semi-automatic weapons, Heidi took control of the call, keeping the complainant calm as shots were being fired at her and her husband. Heidi efficiently directed ambulances and county patrol units to the location during this gun battle.

  12. Jason is a true professional and really cares about his community. He volunteers at least once a week at his daughters’ school.

  13. Please chose Sandy Devita for this award. We met when she was a senior in high school. I am so proud of her nomination for this and would love to see the donation go to the little girl with Bockenheimer Syndrome.

  14. Danielle Harvey has always displayed the qualities of outstanding 911 Opeator. Danielle goes the extra mile while working everyday. Danielle is the type of employee who gives a 110% which is something that the field units and citizens deserves when calling 911.

  15. Kevin Dozpat, Lewisburg, PA goes above and beyond the call of dispatch duty. It would be a privilege and an honor!

    1. Danielle, you so much deserve this award. We in Dekalb are so proud of you, your training to these men & women that take our calls (which I have had to use in the past) they are so spot on. You deserve any & all awards for your work to help all of us in Dekalb County, GA my home for 50 years We love and respect you so much. <3

  16. I wish her brother had called HER that day because I truly think there could have been another outcome. She is a true professional who loves her job, her hubby, her friends, her life and God. God bless her!

  17. Danielle Harvey definitely deserves this award. She’s a hard worker and sets a wonderful example!! Congrats on your nomination!!

  18. Caring for others along with being humble is a rare quality these days. Daniel Harvey is the epitome of both. Good luck Daniel!!!! Dekalb E-911 Always Ready, Always There.


  20. The world need more Daniel Harvey’s. Caring and helping others at work and in her personal time on a 911 operator salary. Those in the industry know that’s a tight budget.

  21. David is a very professional and committed dispatcher that makes his job a priority. He is a person who should be acknowledged for his compassion for people and the safety of the community. He is a great firefighter as well as dispatcher.

  22. Thank you to all the dispatchers for making our communities safe without you guys doing the jobs you do the emergency personnel wouldn’t know where to go thank you

  23. We need more dedicated people like Dan Ausec We have years more flooding and fire danger in Colorado and Manitou Springs.

  24. My vote goes to katlyn of Flagstaff as I was the responding deputy to this event. She is our best dispatcher and does a great job everyday keeping is safe. Thanks so much!

  25. I saw this story on the news this morning. I am so grateful for these operators. .they are true heroes. I was so impressed and moved by this story I had to vote for Ms D. HARVEY. AWESOME JOB!!!!

  26. Dispatcher Worth is a credit to our organization and the Town of Tewksbury. This is just one of many instances that he has excelled in stressful situations.

  27. I am delighted to recommend the great work of Danielle Harvey. She really is an asset to our county. Ms Harvey good luck to you for being a fabulous employee here at Dekalb Conty, GA.

  28. She did an outstanding job training Crystal Moore, and as a result Crystal’s father is still with her today.

  29. Hard working and very professional to everyone. You weathered the storm for all emergency responders. Thanks Laura

  30. I’d be honored to nominate Danielle Harvey. She showed professionalism under extreme pressure that hit very close to home. Way to go Danielle! God bless!

  31. Dave does an excellent job a telecommunicator. He is always calm and understanding no matter how bad the situation may be.

  32. Fantastic job Danielle!! One of your trainees were spotlighted on our local news this morning; you obviously do a wonderful job representing & servicing the citizens of DeKalb County. Good Luck!!

  33. Congratulations Matt and Garin for being chosen for the State 911 awards you both do great work.Congratulations Garin on being nominated for the 911 smart award and good luck.

  34. I am happy to see positive reports for our communities. Great job and this will be a well deserved reward!!!!

  35. Katlyn Mitchell Flagstaff Police Department Flagstaff, AZ is an outstanding person!!! I voted for her 2014
    SMART TELECOMMUNICATOR AWARD for her great work and dedication to serve our community!!!

  36. It has been a pleasure to work with Becky from Bellevue. Her positive attitude and genuine care for others is something to be admired and work towards. Saving lives and making a difference…Thank you Becky!

  37. Jeannie, is the best dispatcher that the Middlesboro Police Dept. has had. She is one the best dispatchers that I have seen. Excellent at her job, very skilled and very professional!!

  38. Daniel is a great trainer and is always there to asssit all the time, he is innovative in his approch to edcuating others.

  39. Excellent job by Sandra Devita. I am proud to work with her and all of our excellent communication services staff.

  40. Good Luck Angie, I know how hard this was for you as my step-son committed suicide in February of 2012. Best of luck to you and thank you for the outstanding job you and all of our dispatchers do!

  41. I just want to say Thank You to all the 911 operators, their trainers and everyone involved in the system. You all save life’s everyday Thank You very much .

  42. Thank God, for Danielle Harvey and the new 911- Operator. I do belive that the new 911 – Operator will be able to handle any emergency call from her first day on the job experience. To Danielle Harvey keep up the good work and may God for ever Bless you and the entire staff.

  43. Vicki Dorjath’s outstanding work helped track a dangerous pedophille to keep her community safe. Great job.

  44. As a Army Spouse, being able to stay calm, cool, and collected is a very hard task. Something we go thru daily. Which leads to years of experience. Danielle Harvey Dekalb County E-911 Communications Tucker, GA; professionalism, integrity, and dedication. Enable a first day on the job-new operator, follow protocol of a family member-hardest task ever.

  45. she did a very “GOOD JOB” and deserves it. most supervisors would not have been so concerned and cared for her employee.

  46. My sister called today and told me the story about the Dekalb Co. 911 dispatcher and I immediately said, she had a GREAT training officer who instilled in her proper training. Job well done Crystal Morrow and Congrats to you Danielle Harvey, keep up the good work!

  47. I too voted for Danielle Harvey. I was once a co-worker of hers. She is more than humble, and very deserving of the nomination.

  48. Laura is a valuable asset to the Longmont Police Department. It is fantastic that she is being considered for this award. Those were very horrific circumstances that came out of no where and caught many off gaurd. Great Job!!

  49. Angela is an awesome person! She is always smiling and she is one of the sweetest people that you will ever meet. She is also one of the strongest people too! A wonderful telecommunicator and a wonderful friend. I vote Angela all the way!!!

  50. I was going to select someone else to vote for, but when I read how Shane in Russellville, AR [Pope County] had been instrumental for saving a life in ANOTHER COUNTRY, I had no other choice but to select him. Kudos to you Sir for going more than just an extra mile !!!!

  51. Congrats Dan Ausec for your nomination and dedication. As a former 911 Dispatcher, I know how extremely complicated a mass incident can be. Having 2 huge natural disasters in one year is horrible to all involved. Thank you for all that you do.

  52. Sandra Devita, Boca Raton Dispatcher…Great Job…The folks on the trucks get the “sexy” recognition- though this is truly a case where what you did on the phone saved this man’s life. Sometimes people forget the hero behind the scenes.

    EMS Captain Shaun Fix

  53. Dan is always striving to work hard and is very accurate with his information. He is a team player and strives to set a good example.

  54. As a citizen that received constant 911 updates on floods and damaging wild fires Daniel Ausec was there to assure we had updated information. Good job Dan!

  55. Sue after 26 years of dispatching and dealing with your own personal health issues, working tons of overtime, you inspire the rest of us to also do a great job! Good Luck you deserve it.

  56. Great job Sergio!!! you handle 3 different departments and I know we have all been at calls at the same time and you always keep your composure!!!! Thank you for your great service!!!!!!!!!

  57. Nice work Vicki, sometimes the telecommunicators are the forgotten piece to the outcome of a successful call for help!

  58. Knowing how stressful a dispatcher’s job can be, I am sure all of these individuals deserve this Award for their actions described above. However, having worked with Heidi Smith, I know and have seen her dedication to this profession, the citizens and the deputies like myself that depend on her to do her job in the professional, efficient and resourceful way she does it every day. Congratulations on the nomination Heidi, award or not, I appreciate what you and everyone else in dispatch do every day.

  59. Super Dave Wright…. Dave is a kind hearted person..he strives to be the best at what ever he does…. being in the field hunting… at home or hanging with friends…. hes a great guy on the phone providing service… or chatting face to face….. hes the best…. on call 24/7…. for a friend in need…

  60. Congratulations Dave. Best of luck to you. You are a fantastic dispatcher, in my opinion the best since your mentor Frank Casey. Your love of your job and community really shines through in your work and your everyday life. Congrats.

  61. Way to go Angie. E-2-C is pulling for you. You are the voice behind speakers that keeps up with us and assist us. We are lucky to have you and the whole Telecommunications staff.

  62. Thanks to all of the Operators!

    We appreciate your time and sacrificial offering of patience and self-control while helping others.


  63. Congrats Danielle!

    Thanks for the sacrificial offerings of patience and endurance upon training others to serve humanity.


  64. Thank you to all the each person nominated has put the public and co-workers first. You all deserve an award.

  65. Shane is the best dispatcher that I have ever known! He is such a great guy, and he has taught me a lot! He deserves this award!

  66. I think what Ms Harvey did was outstanding. I don’t know even with all the training in the land could’ve held my cool hearinr my Dads voice on the other end of a 911 call

  67. I voted DAVE WRIGHT ….the most dedicated,honorable,passionate,dependable,hard working person you could ever wish for on the receiving end of any 911 call……and for 20 years !!!!!!!!!!

  68. Outstanding job by all… So many people don’t get to see the talents these servants play in protecting our communities, so it’s nice to see them being nominated for their dedication, training, and skills that you give to the profession.

  69. Ms. Danielle Harvey you are a winner for DeKalb Ct and the state of Ga. We had a chance to see in action what knowledge and professional attributes you have through the training you give to others in your department as shown on television with the new employee who on her first day saved her father. Thanks Ms. Harvey!!!

  70. Dispatchers/Telecommunicators are unsung heroes and Dispatcher Garin Worth is a hero!!!!!!!! I am proud of all the nominees.

  71. danielle is a sweet heart…she is always helpful and has a beautiful spirit..,she is deserving of this award

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