3rd Annual Smart Telecommunicator Awards

  • 3/11-4/20, 2013

tele_banner_postNational Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week is April 13-19, 2014

Smart911 is proud to recognize the professionals behind the 9-1-1 calls. 9-1-1 telecommunicators work tirelessly day in and day out to ensure that each emergency is responded to effectively and every caller receives the assistance they need.

One national winner will received a plaque recognizing their efforts, an announcement to the media, a $1000 donation to their charity of choice, and the title of 2014 Smart Telecommunicator.

Four regional honorees will receive a plaque recognizing their efforts, a $500 donation to their charity of choice and the title of Regional Honoree.

See last year’s winners        


Winners will be announced during National Public Safety Telecommunications Week April 14-18.



311 Responses to “3rd Annual Smart Telecommunicator Awards”

  1. I would be honored to have Kevin win this award. He did an excellent job! Thank you for this opportunity!

  2. Deputy Chief John S. Voto says:

    Another outstanding job which saved a little boys life.

  3. Deputy Chief John S. Voto says:

    Another great job and life saved by the Tewksbury Police Dispatch.. Way to go Matt..

  4. Jose Perez Jr says:

    Are 911 communications employees who aren’t 911 telecommunicators eligible for this award? I would like to nominate our 911 Coordinator.

  5. Nancy Williams says:

    Angie reports to work every day with a contagious smile. She genuinely cares for the Citizens of High Point and for her co-workers. She goes above the call of duty to ensure she gives the best service possible.

  6. Joe Dozpat says:

    Great Job Kevin

  7. Jo Williamson says:

    what a deserving honoree

  8. Kimberly Midolo says:

    So proud of you. Your amazing. Love you!

  9. Kayla Midolo says:

    Congrats G :)

  10. Joseph Midolo says:


  11. Sheila Lafond says:

    Congratulations. Another job well done!

  12. Tim Wright says:

    Cast a vote for Angela Servey.

  13. Sandra Juarez says:

    Great Job!

  14. Laura Mason Altizer says:

    Go Angela!

  15. Sally Richardson says:

    What does not kill us makes us stronger. So proud of Angie and her comeback from tragedy! Helping others helps us cope with our own losses.

  16. Robert Lafond says:

    Good Job!

  17. Yesenia Ennis says:

    Servicing 3 cities at once and still able to think on the fly, Great Job Sergio!!! FIRECOMM 9-1-1 should be proud.

  18. marisol says:

    Job well done, responders. Keep up the good work.

  19. Julie Raynor says:

    Angela Servey formerly worked at the High Point Public Library and was constantly being complimented for her excellent customer service. Reading her story above and seeing what a great job she’s doing serving the community only reinforces to me what a wonderful person she is.

  20. Angie Burkhart says:

    Way To Go Angela!

  21. Sandra Silguero says:

    Good luck Sergio..

  22. veronica rodriguez says:

    Very proud of u Sergio Aguayo… u r one real man… U give ur all to ur Family n most important ur job u kepp it 100%… U r decorated to wur u love to do help safe peoples lifes… Thank u for all u do

  23. Felicia Phillips says:

    Voting for Garin Worth Tewksbury Police Department Tewksbury, MA

  24. cheri clark says:

    Good Luck!

  25. Bea says:

    Awesome recognition program!!!!!

  26. Mona Boyd says:

    Another Great job done and life saved by Sandy Devita!

  27. Diane Nance says:

    Even when personal tragedy occurs, Angela still had a calmness in dealing with others… So deserving!

  28. Jeff says:

    Way to go Vicki!

  29. Lyn Cogswell says:

    Go Garin!

  30. Linda Harvey says:

    Good job!

  31. Karen Luebke says:

    Laura Randolph would be an excellent winner for this aware.

  32. Lucy Valencia says:

    Vicki Dorjath is a pro in every sense of the word. We’re all lucky to have her.

  33. Vicki did an excellent job! Way to go VIcki!!

  34. Caryn says:

    The presence of calmness on the phone is a gift.

  35. David L Wilson says:

    Angie is a great person, co-worker, and friend. She has went through hard times and has used that to her advantage to help others.

  36. Jen Brown says:

    Way to go dispatchers!!!

  37. Jen Brown says:

    Super stars!

  38. David rosenker says:

    Jason deserves this.

  39. Lori DeWitt says:


  40. Lorie says:

    nice job

  41. Sue Ann Rutherford says:

    So proud of you ! God Bless You!!

  42. ECSS Tamra Pugh says:

    Great job Katlyn Mitchell for utilizing your EMD skills! What an amazing experience to help deliver a baby over the phone! You inspired so many people that day. Amazing job!

  43. Jamesconsidine says:

    Good job

  44. Raven Hairston says:


  45. jill houston says:

    best of luck! you are so deserving of this

  46. Steve McGilvray says:

    Congratulations to Garin Worth, as a father and a police officer I understand both sides of the call. It takes a hero to truly make a difference in this world and Garin Worth should reveive this award for giving life back to Lexi when it was clear that it was in the balance, while also giving the family many years of unknown opportunities to enjoy Lexi in the future.

  47. Bruce Williams says:

    Angela Servey is a calming voice during the most stressful of calls. She is always professional and pleasant to deal with.

  48. JackTrovato says:

    Great Job !!

  49. Nancy DiGiovanni says:

    Great job Garin

  50. Ruthann says:

    #1 for Kevin Dozpat, excellent job!!!!! Union County, pa is honored to have you.

  51. David Inman says:

    Excellent dispatcher.

  52. Kelli Doby says:

    Good job!

  53. Heidi has worked for us for many years. She is a proven leader in her field and an asset to our agency. During an armed burglary incident with semi-automatic weapons, Heidi took control of the call, keeping the complainant calm as shots were being fired at her and her husband. Heidi efficiently directed ambulances and county patrol units to the location during this gun battle.

  54. Linzi says:

    Good Luck Angie!!!

  55. Myrtis Perry says:

    Daniel Stewart Harvey is an exemplary employee we are very fortunate to have her.

  56. Dave is an asset to our agency and does and outstanding job!

  57. Janine Donovan says:

    Jason is a true professional and really cares about his community. He volunteers at least once a week at his daughters’ school.

  58. Mary Elizabeth Lea says:

    Go Shane!!! Good luck everyone!!!!

  59. Jennifer Smith says:

    Please chose Sandy Devita for this award. We met when she was a senior in high school. I am so proud of her nomination for this and would love to see the donation go to the little girl with Bockenheimer Syndrome.

  60. Jim Campbell says:

    Shane is a very deserving telecommunicator.

  61. Wanda Echols says:

    Danielle Harvey has always displayed the qualities of outstanding 911 Opeator. Danielle goes the extra mile while working everyday. Danielle is the type of employee who gives a 110% which is something that the field units and citizens deserves when calling 911.

  62. Vicki Tucker says:

    Amazing stories. They all deserve to win.

  63. Loon says:

    Good Job Kevin and Brandon

  64. tasha says:

    Great worker

  65. Porter-Bush says:

    Way to go Danielle , You deserve it

  66. Danielle is a very detail, accurate, and organized person and is worthy to be the winner of this reward.

  67. Kathleen Robinson says:

    Thank you for all you do!

  68. Kelly Aschendorf says:

    If anyone deserves this it’s Sandy Devita!

  69. Jami Cooper says:

    He is great and watches over all to make sure we all get home safe.

  70. Matthew Carapellucci says:

    Great work by Garin Worth

  71. Matthew Carapellucci says:

    Great job by Garin Worth

  72. Vicki is an outstanding and essential addition to the Mundelein Police Department to keep all of us safe, sound and prepared.

  73. Paige Visneski says:

    Kevin Dozpat, Lewisburg, PA goes above and beyond the call of dispatch duty. It would be a privilege and an honor!

  74. James Conroy says:

    Great operator, great job!

  75. Kaitlyn Jackson says:

    What a great team leader to have in our 911 center! Thank you Danielle Harvey!

  76. Kaite J. says:

    Thank you Danielle Harvey!!!!

  77. JoAnne Engles says:

    Angie is the perfect recipient of this award.

  78. Dorothy says:

    Keep up the good work/JOB Mrs. Danielle Harvey.

  79. Gabrielle Zaidman says:

    Way to go Sandy

  80. Danielle Riley says:

    Honored to vote for Danielle Harvey!

    • Pat Mills says:

      Danielle, you so much deserve this award. We in Dekalb are so proud of you, your training to these men & women that take our calls (which I have had to use in the past) they are so spot on. You deserve any & all awards for your work to help all of us in Dekalb County, GA my home for 50 years We love and respect you so much. <3

  81. Terri Davis says:

    I wish her brother had called HER that day because I truly think there could have been another outcome. She is a true professional who loves her job, her hubby, her friends, her life and God. God bless her!

  82. Jennifer Lozzio says:

    Thank you to people out there protecting us like Vicki!

  83. Mionka Moore says:

    Danielle Harvey definitely deserves this award. She’s a hard worker and sets a wonderful example!! Congrats on your nomination!!

  84. Mr. Kirkland says:

    Ms. Harvey acted courageously as a newcomer on first day, I think she’s going to be great!

  85. Candie Barham says:

    Caring for others along with being humble is a rare quality these days. Daniel Harvey is the epitome of both. Good luck Daniel!!!! Dekalb E-911 Always Ready, Always There.

  86. BECKY GROSS says:


  87. Dymonsnlace says:

    The world need more Daniel Harvey’s. Caring and helping others at work and in her personal time on a 911 operator salary. Those in the industry know that’s a tight budget.

  88. Ron Peck says:

    Congratulations David Wright!!! Good Luck!!

  89. jennifer Duncan says:

    David is a very professional and committed dispatcher that makes his job a priority. He is a person who should be acknowledged for his compassion for people and the safety of the community. He is a great firefighter as well as dispatcher.

  90. Donna Edwards says:

    Should be recongnized for an exceptional job!

  91. Danny says:


  92. Lisa Wallace says:

    Go Dan!

  93. Patricia D says:

    Awesome Job

  94. Michael Gross says:

    Thank you to all the dispatchers for making our communities safe without you guys doing the jobs you do the emergency personnel wouldn’t know where to go thank you

  95. Shirley Harris says:

    Aaron is the best

  96. meg evans says:

    We need more dedicated people like Dan Ausec We have years more flooding and fire danger in Colorado and Manitou Springs.

  97. Mike Pentony says:

    Becky deserves the award. So many great people on this list too.

  98. Kaytee Teichman says:

    Becky McCracken deserves to win!!

  99. Jess Payne says:

    My vote goes to katlyn of Flagstaff as I was the responding deputy to this event. She is our best dispatcher and does a great job everyday keeping is safe. Thanks so much!

  100. It has been a pleasure working with Sue Lachapelle for the past 26 years, and I can think of no one more deserving of this award than her. Good luck Sue!

  101. dawn nicks cook says:

    I saw this story on the news this morning. I am so grateful for these operators. .they are true heroes. I was so impressed and moved by this story I had to vote for Ms D. HARVEY. AWESOME JOB!!!!

  102. Gerald O'Brien says:

    Go Sandy!

  103. Katja Bonds says:


  104. Lt. Robert Stephens says:

    Dispatcher Worth is a credit to our organization and the Town of Tewksbury. This is just one of many instances that he has excelled in stressful situations.

  105. marcus says:

    A great hometown hero.

  106. Rosa Jackson says:

    kudos to another excellent communicator and trainer. Awesome story.

  107. Lynette says:

    Great training…I dont know you but great job training…straight fron Philly, Pa

  108. Ira Ross says:

    I am delighted to recommend the great work of Danielle Harvey. She really is an asset to our county. Ms Harvey good luck to you for being a fabulous employee here at Dekalb Conty, GA.

  109. Kim McCrary says:

    They all are deserving but I am glad to nominate Dan.

  110. Claudia says:

    Training is everything. Congratulations Ms. Harvey, Hope you win!

  111. Theresa Warner-Dyc says:

    It is my priviledge to vote for Kristina Clark. She is truly amazing!

  112. Dan Casey says:

    Good luck Dave

  113. Missy Freeman says:

    Excellent Job!

  114. Michelle Freeman says:

    She did an outstanding job training Crystal Moore, and as a result Crystal’s father is still with her today.

  115. Nancy Hall Walker says:

    Very proud Crystal was able to assist her aunt and father.

  116. cynthia usumbura says:

    Great work Danielle!!!

  117. Doug Saba says:

    Hard working and very professional to everyone. You weathered the storm for all emergency responders. Thanks Laura

  118. Deborah Lewis says:

    My vote is for Harvey keep making a difference in the lives of those you train and save.

  119. Batina Rozier says:

    A great example of how DeKalb goes above and beyond the call of duty.

  120. Pam Miller says:

    Awesome Job!

  121. Mark Simmons says:

    Sue is a great lady. Worked with her for many years.

  122. Janeen Morgan says:

    Job well done…keep up with all the great work!

  123. Leigh Savage says:

    I’d be honored to nominate Danielle Harvey. She showed professionalism under extreme pressure that hit very close to home. Way to go Danielle! God bless!

  124. Kim says:

    Outstanding job

  125. Sue Lachapelle-the model all others should emulate. There is no way to measure the value of such an employee.

  126. Leslie says:

    Excellent training by Ms. Harvey!

  127. CB Harris says:

    She an awesome dispatcher

  128. CB Harris says:


  129. Deborah Smith says:

    I would like to vote for Danielle Harvey, please

  130. Millie Zuk says:

    Dave does an excellent job a telecommunicator. He is always calm and understanding no matter how bad the situation may be.

  131. Ms. Sassy Diva says:

    Congratulations Operator Harvey for all that you do! Blessings

  132. EvangelistK says:

    awesome story I read on Fox Atlanta

  133. Janice Congress says:

    Great job Ms. Harvey!!!

  134. Susan is a star telecommunicator

  135. Mary McCabe says:

    Well deserved!

  136. R Lee says:

    Fantastic job Danielle!! One of your trainees were spotlighted on our local news this morning; you obviously do a wonderful job representing & servicing the citizens of DeKalb County. Good Luck!!

  137. outstanding dispatcher

  138. Gloria says:

    Good job! Keep up the good work!

  139. JEANNIE AUSEC says:

    Thank you Dan for all you do. Your dedication to our community is so admirable!

  140. Felicia says:

    Job well done.

  141. John Harrison says:

    Great job for the community!!

  142. Karen Poisson says:

    Congratulations Matt and Garin for being chosen for the State 911 awards you both do great work.Congratulations Garin on being nominated for the 911 smart award and good luck.

  143. Lt Scott Gaynor says:

    Garin Worth is an excellent dispatcher.

  144. Melissa Jenkins says:

    Great job keep up the good work.

  145. andy chisholm says:


  146. Dave Rosenthal says:

    Great Job Sandy!

  147. Tory Mangione says:

    Congratulations on your nomination! It is well deserved and long overdue.

  148. Latasha says:

    So proud of you Sergio!! Love you!!!

  149. Patrick Kerscher says:

    Great work Dan!

  150. velia garcia says:

    Good job Sergio so proud of you

  151. velia garcia says:

    Good job sergio aguayo so proud of you

  152. Tony Junior says:

    Sandy Devita ROCKS !!!!

  153. Jima Ali says:

    I am happy to see positive reports for our communities. Great job and this will be a well deserved reward!!!!

  154. Douglas Knight says:

    Well done!!!

  155. Rudy Larcada says:

    Excellent work Sandy DeVita!

  156. Bill Husfelt says:

    Good luck!

  157. Connie Ryan says:

    Great job Sandy. We are very proud of you!

  158. Kathy says:

    Thank you, Laura. You are true credit to your department and community!

  159. Irina Bogard says:

    Katlyn Mitchell Flagstaff Police Department Flagstaff, AZ is an outstanding person!!! I voted for her 2014
    SMART TELECOMMUNICATOR AWARD for her great work and dedication to serve our community!!!

  160. Amanda Kolling says:

    It has been a pleasure to work with Becky from Bellevue. Her positive attitude and genuine care for others is something to be admired and work towards. Saving lives and making a difference…Thank you Becky!

  161. Manuel Renta says:

    Sergio; Keep up the good work and keep it quiet at Station 1

  162. Dee Mitchell says:

    Great Job Katlyn,

  163. Dee Mitchell says:

    Great Job Katlyn

  164. Jasper Ausec says:

    Daniel I cannot say Thank You enough for that you do for your city and community.

  165. Laura Haigler says:

    Thanks for your dedication to the job! Lord knows its not easy

  166. Mary Haynes says:

    It’s wonderful to know there are still some caring instructors in the medical emergency work force.

  167. Janice Pratt says:

    Jeannie, is the best dispatcher that the Middlesboro Police Dept. has had. She is one the best dispatchers that I have seen. Excellent at her job, very skilled and very professional!!

  168. Quetta says:

    Awesome job, Shane!!!!

  169. Patrick Servey says:

    congrats Angela!

  170. Roy E. Lamb says:

    a wonderful job handled with professionalism and compassion. Well done!

  171. Bob Hodges says:

    Daniel is a great trainer and is always there to asssit all the time, he is innovative in his approch to edcuating others.

  172. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism, Susie !

  173. Diane Casey says:

    Garin thank you for your public service!

  174. Diane Casey says:

    Thank you Garin!

  175. Diane Casey says:

    Congratulations for a job well done!

  176. Gail Desrochers says:

    Great job Garin. Thanks for keeping us safe.

  177. Caralee Daugherty says:

    Excellent job by Sandra Devita. I am proud to work with her and all of our excellent communication services staff.

  178. April Swaim says:

    Good Luck Angie, I know how hard this was for you as my step-son committed suicide in February of 2012. Best of luck to you and thank you for the outstanding job you and all of our dispatchers do!

  179. Mark Oakes says:

    Good luck. it is a very deserving recongnition.

  180. William Gulbrandsen says:

    Dan Raymond represents the best qualities in a Public Safety Communicator

  181. Cindy Cevallos says:

    Way to go Sandy!!

  182. Tammy says:

    I just want to say Thank You to all the 911 operators, their trainers and everyone involved in the system. You all save life’s everyday Thank You very much .

  183. Linda Larson says:

    Great job! Congratulations!

  184. Dorothy Sepot says:

    Great Job!!!!!
    Glad you were are a nominee for this award.

  185. Miguel aguayo says:

    Good job sergio. U really help alot when in need of emergency

  186. Rachel says:


  187. Mary Ann Balas says:

    Just another example of the fine work that Vicki has done for many years! Congratulations Vicki!

  188. PAUL DEVIN says:


  189. Marcella Bender says:

    Go Dave Wright! We are very proud to work with you!

  190. Melissa West says:

    Great job Vicki!

  191. Gene Butler says:

    Great Work -a Big Thank You to All

  192. Linda A. Harvey says:

    Amazing job!

  193. Sheila M. Lafond says:

    Awesome job!! Congrats

  194. Linda Harvey says:

    Outstanding job :)

  195. Ellen O'Brien says:


  196. Joann Edwards says:

    Thank God, for Danielle Harvey and the new 911- Operator. I do belive that the new 911 – Operator will be able to handle any emergency call from her first day on the job experience. To Danielle Harvey keep up the good work and may God for ever Bless you and the entire staff.

  197. Cindy Ackman says:

    Good luck, Dan. You deserve it!

  198. Mary Stanton says:

    Vicki Dorjath’s outstanding work helped track a dangerous pedophille to keep her community safe. Great job.

  199. j pratt says:

    great job!!!!!

  200. Barbara L. says:

    What a great honor for you Vicki. Mundelein is proud of you!

  201. Cassandra Bulmer says:

    Good luck Kris!

  202. Steve Bateman says:

    Excellent Job Daniel, we are all pulling for you! Thanks, for all your dedication to Seminole County!

  203. As a Army Spouse, being able to stay calm, cool, and collected is a very hard task. Something we go thru daily. Which leads to years of experience. Danielle Harvey Dekalb County E-911 Communications Tucker, GA; professionalism, integrity, and dedication. Enable a first day on the job-new operator, follow protocol of a family member-hardest task ever.

  204. linda briggs says:

    Job well done Garith…….

  205. Barbara Hague says:

    Congrats and continue your good work.

  206. Edward Chaves says:

    Sue is the best co-worker, team mate, and friend.

  207. Marcia Brown says:

    Thanks for the excellent representation of our county employees. Great job!!

  208. Danielle Harvey says:

    Excellent 911 operator, always smiling

  209. nena t says:

    she did a very “GOOD JOB” and deserves it. most supervisors would not have been so concerned and cared for her employee.

  210. Cynthia says:

    Very passionate individual, much like myself

  211. A. Rogers says:

    Thank you for the excellent service you provide to the citizen and employees of DeKalb County.

  212. Cindy says:

    Good job Laura! You are an asset to the department and to our community.

  213. Training Officer Thompkins says:

    My sister called today and told me the story about the Dekalb Co. 911 dispatcher and I immediately said, she had a GREAT training officer who instilled in her proper training. Job well done Crystal Morrow and Congrats to you Danielle Harvey, keep up the good work!

  214. elizabeth says:

    I too voted for Danielle Harvey. I was once a co-worker of hers. She is more than humble, and very deserving of the nomination.

  215. Cindy says:

    Laura is a valuable asset to the Longmont Police Department. It is fantastic that she is being considered for this award. Those were very horrific circumstances that came out of no where and caught many off gaurd. Great Job!!

  216. Kathy Pino says:

    Thanks Kevin !

  217. A. Hackworth says:

    Angela is an awesome person! She is always smiling and she is one of the sweetest people that you will ever meet. She is also one of the strongest people too! A wonderful telecommunicator and a wonderful friend. I vote Angela all the way!!!

  218. Ms Katie says:

    I was going to select someone else to vote for, but when I read how Shane in Russellville, AR [Pope County] had been instrumental for saving a life in ANOTHER COUNTRY, I had no other choice but to select him. Kudos to you Sir for going more than just an extra mile !!!!

  219. Carly says:

    You rock!!! Its awesome to know we still have caring spririts in this world ….


  220. Lee Lomas says:

    Congrats Dan Ausec for your nomination and dedication. As a former 911 Dispatcher, I know how extremely complicated a mass incident can be. Having 2 huge natural disasters in one year is horrible to all involved. Thank you for all that you do.

  221. donald bonds says:

    Thanks for your professionalism, and ability to maintain your high level of composure.

  222. Shaun Fix says:

    Sandra Devita, Boca Raton Dispatcher…Great Job…The folks on the trucks get the “sexy” recognition- though this is truly a case where what you did on the phone saved this man’s life. Sometimes people forget the hero behind the scenes.

    EMS Captain Shaun Fix

  223. Daniel leal says:

    Great Job. Good Luck.

  224. Daniel Leal says:

    Great Job! Good Luck!

  225. Bruce Dehning says:

    True heros – they are all winners in my book.

  226. S Shellito says:

    Well done, folks! I wish I could vote for everyone. :)

  227. m says:

    thanks to all the nominees for their hardwork!!! Congrats Harvey!!!!!!

  228. Ann Rrsnick says:

    Dave Wright is an exceptional disptcher for the Berne Fire District and Helderberg Ambulance.

  229. Steven Brown says:

    Dan is always striving to work hard and is very accurate with his information. He is a team player and strives to set a good example.

  230. Alpa says:

    Voting for Danielle Harvey Dekalb County E-911 Communications Tucker, GA

  231. S F Blackman says:

    Job well done! I appreciate your hard work and dedication.

  232. Gary Frase says:

    As a citizen that received constant 911 updates on floods and damaging wild fires Daniel Ausec was there to assure we had updated information. Good job Dan!

  233. Donna Terragna says:

    Sue after 26 years of dispatching and dealing with your own personal health issues, working tons of overtime, you inspire the rest of us to also do a great job! Good Luck you deserve it.

  234. Debbie R says:

    I admire you, Sue, for being a true professional, and a joy to work with!

  235. Paula says:

    Great job representing DeKalb County, your department and your community.

  236. LT. Walker says:

    Appreciate all that you do for the community and Public Safety personnel.

  237. Ulanda Saunders says:

    Great Job Job Danielle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. Elia G Vicencio says:

    Great job Sergio!!! you handle 3 different departments and I know we have all been at calls at the same time and you always keep your composure!!!! Thank you for your great service!!!!!!!!!

  239. Garin. You do great work. Hope you win

  240. S J POWELL says:


  241. Patsy Thompson says:

    Congratulations Ms. Harvey! Thank you for your dedication to the citizens of DeKalb County.

  242. M. Amis says:

    Thanks Danielle!!

  243. BK Pugh says:

    Way To Go Angela Servey with High Point 911. We are all proud of you !

  244. Park Ranger D. B. Inman says:

    thank you for all your hard work and keeping us safe! Great Job!

  245. Chris LIndsey says:

    Great Job Garin Worth. You are the BEST!

  246. T Spurgeon says:

    Good Luck Angela. Keep up the good work. You do an excellant job daily. Thanks

  247. Kevin Hunter says:

    Nice work Vicki, sometimes the telecommunicators are the forgotten piece to the outcome of a successful call for help!

  248. Chris Madden says:

    Excellent Telecommunicator, even if the guys do have to bring their “handbags” to class once in a while…. LOL LOVE you girl!

  249. Holly Hatcher says:

    Great job, Heidi!

  250. D Gardner says:

    Knowing how stressful a dispatcher’s job can be, I am sure all of these individuals deserve this Award for their actions described above. However, having worked with Heidi Smith, I know and have seen her dedication to this profession, the citizens and the deputies like myself that depend on her to do her job in the professional, efficient and resourceful way she does it every day. Congratulations on the nomination Heidi, award or not, I appreciate what you and everyone else in dispatch do every day.

  251. Ed Cook says:

    Super Dave Wright…. Dave is a kind hearted person..he strives to be the best at what ever he does…. being in the field hunting… at home or hanging with friends…. hes a great guy on the phone providing service… or chatting face to face….. hes the best…. on call 24/7…. for a friend in need…

  252. Irene Nazar says:

    Good luck Heidi!

  253. TammeyW says:

    Congratulations Dave. Best of luck to you. You are a fantastic dispatcher, in my opinion the best since your mentor Frank Casey. Your love of your job and community really shines through in your work and your everyday life. Congrats.

  254. nellie says:

    Keep up the great work!

  255. Carl Walker says:

    Way to go Angie. E-2-C is pulling for you. You are the voice behind speakers that keeps up with us and assist us. We are lucky to have you and the whole Telecommunications staff.

  256. Brenda Cavin says:

    Go Suzie!!

  257. Bill J. Atkinson says:

    Ms Harvey, Tucker, Ga., (DeKalb County). You do us PROUD! Thank you for your service….

  258. Bill J. Atkinson says:

    Truly Proud of you..

  259. Dan Craver says:

    Good luck Angie. I miss Jesse’s smiling face every time I go to Ingleside.

  260. Teena says:

    When you have the right trauner you get excellent results you go Danielle.

  261. Robert Stewart says:

    Thank you Danielle!

  262. gracie says:

    So proud of all these wonderful people! Good Luck!

  263. Anna Marie Karns says:

    Thanks for a great job. Georgia is proud of you!

  264. Rosetta Square says:

    Job well done Danielle Harvey.

  265. Linda Meadors says:

    Thanks to all of the Operators!

    We appreciate your time and sacrificial offering of patience and self-control while helping others.


  266. Linda Meadors says:

    Congrats Danielle!

    Thanks for the sacrificial offerings of patience and endurance upon training others to serve humanity.


  267. Linda says:

    Great to have you as an operator in DeKalb County

  268. sherry w says:

    good job!

  269. sherry w says:

    really really good job

  270. Sharon Clever says:

    Thank you to all the each person nominated has put the public and co-workers first. You all deserve an award.

  271. Aaron Kerr says:

    Shane is the best dispatcher that I have ever known! He is such a great guy, and he has taught me a lot! He deserves this award!

  272. Lydia Witt says:

    I think what Ms Harvey did was outstanding. I don’t know even with all the training in the land could’ve held my cool hearinr my Dads voice on the other end of a 911 call

  273. Bud Hicks says:

    Vicki mor than likely prevented a homicide of a little girl, it doesn’t get much better than that.

  274. debra says:

    Good Luck Heidi Smith!!!!!

  275. steve yates says:

    Well done ANGELA!

  276. Margaret Brown says:

    I hope you will be able to teach school kids on how to handle an emergency. Well done!

  277. Lori Losnet says:

    God Bless you Sandy!

  278. Janice Hunter says:

    I voted DAVE WRIGHT ….the most dedicated,honorable,passionate,dependable,hard working person you could ever wish for on the receiving end of any 911 call……and for 20 years !!!!!!!!!!

  279. MARY FAMBRO says:

    Great Job

  280. Katie Smith says:

    Great Job Vicki!!

  281. cassandra hicks says:

    Great Job Danielle!!!!!!!

  282. LaMar Woods says:

    Well done Danielle. DeKalb County is proud of you. Keep up the excellent profession.

  283. Lakytia King says:

    Great job Danielle!

  284. M. McKenna says:

    Outstanding job by all… So many people don’t get to see the talents these servants play in protecting our communities, so it’s nice to see them being nominated for their dedication, training, and skills that you give to the profession.

  285. Judy Eichinger says:

    Great training Ms Harvey.

  286. Molly Pendry says:

    Good luck Angela!!

  287. Jeremy says:

    Way to go Heidi!!!!

  288. Jennifer Everett says:

    Great job!! :)

  289. D Rosenthal says:

    Great Job Sandra!!

  290. Jennifer Smith says:

    Great job, Danielle!

  291. JIMI says:


  292. Vickie Snyder says:

    David Is Dedication.

  293. KChisley says:

    Awesome training, Danielle Harvey!

  294. rose stewart says:

    Ms. Danielle Harvey you are a winner for DeKalb Ct and the state of Ga. We had a chance to see in action what knowledge and professional attributes you have through the training you give to others in your department as shown on television with the new employee who on her first day saved her father. Thanks Ms. Harvey!!!

  295. Bill Turnage says:

    Fantastic job as usual!!

  296. Jeffrey Lafond says:

    Nice job Garin!! Keep up the good work!

  297. Chief Tim Sheehan says:

    Dispatchers/Telecommunicators are unsung heroes and Dispatcher Garin Worth is a hero!!!!!!!! I am proud of all the nominees.

  298. Alma Gutierez says:

    good luck Sergio

  299. C. Kelis says:

    Heidi Smith is a true professional and an asset to the citizens of Ellis County.

  300. c mccollum says:

    danielle is a sweet heart…she is always helpful and has a beautiful spirit..,she is deserving of this award

  301. C A HUDSON says:

    Exceptional work Danielle, the citizens of Dekalb should be proud of the works you do!!

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