Rave EyeWitness

The most trusted anonymous text-based tips application for campuses.

What Is RaveEyeWitness?

Rave EyeWitness makes the entire campus community the eyes and ears of public safety through text messaging technology.

Across the nation universities average just one campus security officer for every 524 students. Campus crimes typically take place in the inevitable gaps of this limited police visibility. To fill the gaps, no technology is more powerful then the eyes and ears of the student body. The key is finding a way to enlist students on their own terms. By utilizing text messages to increase student participation, Rave EyeWitness strengthens campus watch by enlisting the student body to become tipsters. Proven and award-winning, RaveEyeWitness works in conjunction with RaveGuardian and RaveAlert to bring total campus safety to universities across the country – large and small.

How It Works

Two-way communication:

  • Users submit their tips via text message
  • Public safety is immediately notified of the tip
  • Public safety may respond to user with follow up questions or information
  • Users receive confirmation messages for all submitted tips.

Rave EyeWitness offers tipsters anonymity, allowing students to discretely provide timely, critical information without letting those in his/her vicinity in on the communication.

Student participation depends on:

  • Confidentiality - Most campus inbound emergency lines are not confidential. Rave EyeWitness can be enabled to offer tipsters anonymity ensuring students don’t withhold timely, critical information due to a hesitancy of engaging with the authorities.
  • Discretion - Tipsters shouldn’t risk retribution. With RaveEyeWitness a tipster can communicate with the authorities without letting those in his/her vicinity in on the conversation.
  • Immediacy - These days, students often choose text messaging over traditional calls because of the ease and immediacy. This is as true with crime tips as it is with social messaging.

Features & Benefits

Rave EyeWitness provides a cost-effective solution that has the potential to shine the light on a dangerous situation before it escalates. It is a discrete way to contact Campus Police and eliminates the perceived hassle of engaging with the authorities. Whether reporting crime, vandalism, or communicating a non-emergency tip, Rave EyeWitness gives students an easy and confidential way to keep campus safe.

Benefits of Integration

Rave EyeWitness integrates completely with Rave Mobile Safety’s other applications: Rave Alert and Rave Guardian. Together the applications boost ROI, lower TCO and maximize results.  Our easy-to-use administration console is the same for all Rave applications, reducing the administrative learning curve.


“Technology is advancing at an extremely rapid pace… We’ve never had [this] kind of capability before and these kinds of applications are what students, faculty and staff really want.”

~ Todd Short – Police Lieutenant – The University of Illinois

“We believe that they’ll feel more inclined to get involved with the anonymity (feature). We need those eyes and ears out there to help tell us what’s going on.”

~ J.D. Withrow – Assistant Chief – University of South Florida

“The heavyweight of higher education mobile technology is Rave Mobile Safety, based in Framingham, MA. Rave offers beefy technology — for safety, academics, community, and utilities — and reliability that other companies don’t have.”

~ Time Magazine

Campus Safety News

Student arrested for gun in dorm
University Police (UP) arrested a 20-year-old USF student Tuesday afternoon after finding a .25-caliber pistol in his dorm room.

Rave Mobile Safety Offers Colleges Extra Security
It was the the deadliest shooting by a single gunman in US history. In April of 2007; 33 Virginia Tech students were killed on campus. The massacre was a wake-up for campuses here and around the country. Now new technologies are keeping students safer.

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