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How Rave Guardian Campus Safety App Works

guardian_appThe Rave Guardian Campus Safety App transforms mobile phones on your campus into personal safety devices.

Guardian enhances safety on campus through a virtual safety network of friends, family, and campus safety.

  • Panic Button — direct immediate connection to campus safety with GPS location and personal profile information.
  • Tip Texting –enables anonymous crime tip reporting and 2-way communication via SMS or mobile app
  • Personal Guardians — Students can identify friends, roommates, and family  as ‘Guardians’ along with Campus Safety. Students can set a Rave Guardian Timer. During a Timer session Guardians and Campus Safety can check status of student. If the Rave Guardian timer is not deactivated before it expires, campus safety is automatically provided with the user’s Rave Guardian profile to proactively identify and check-in on the individual.

Whenever students, faculty, or staff connect with campus safety from their mobile phone, the Rave Guardian Campus Safety App automatically delivers a complete caller profile – including current location, medical conditions, course schedule, addresses, campus ID photo and other critical data.

Rave Guardian is a Campus Safety  Mobile App backed by a  hosted, Software-as-a-Service platform.

Rave Guardian profile data is stored privately and securely within Rave’s redundant and geographically diverse databases.  Guardian profile data is provided by the members of your community through Rave’s secure web-portal.

User-provided data can be further augmented by loading data from your school’s SIS system. With Rave Guardian, your community is always in control –profiles are shared only when a member of your community calls public safety, or allows a previously set Rave Guardian timer to expire.


1. App Downloaded

  • User downloads App and creates profile, providing Rave Guardian with their vital information.

2. Profile Stored

  • Rave Guardian profile is stored in Rave-hosted, secure, geo-redundant facilities.
  • Your school can further augment profiles through Rave’s SmartLoader data interface.

3. Profile Displayed

  • User profile and location displays when Campus Safety is called or a timer expires.
  • The identity of the caller is immediately known.
  • Public safety can take action with the data, even if the caller cannot speak.

Rave Guardian speeds the sharing of information between those requesting help, and those entrusted to provide it. Rave Guardian is a key component of any holistic security strategy which meets parent, student, faculty, and staff demands for a safer campus community.

Benefits of Rave Guardian

  • Automatically delivers critical individualized data to public safety, even if the caller cannot speak
  • Provides a “virtual safe walk” via the Rave Guardian timer: a unique and proactive safety tool
  • Delivers E9-1-1-like caller location for > 90% of mobile devices
  • Private and secure: places the caller in control of when their data is shared with public safety
  • Reinforces public safety’s mission on campus through a visible, personalized, community-facing safety tool
  • Clients report no increase in officer workload, which is facilitated by a user-friendly interface designed with public safety input
  • False alarms are virtually eliminated through proactive reminders and confirmation of caller identity
  • Full integration with the Rave’s industry-leading Rave Alert multi-modal notification platform
  • Rapid installation without any unique hardware or software, as enabled by Rave Guardian’s hosted, Software-as-a-Service architecture


“Rave Guardian gives students, faculty, and staff piece of mind. It assures that students and their parents have a direct line to campus safety, no matter where they are, and at any time of day or night. The ability to be armed with detailed student information and react quickly is critical to keeping a campus safe and maintaining our school’s reputation for safety.”

~ Maureen Rush – Vice President, University of Pennsylvania

“We’re pleased with an overall decrease in crime since the start of the spring semester. Since January 1st 2010, crime on-campus has gone down 70 percent in comparison to last year. A reduction in crime has never occurred before!”

~ Leroy K. James – Chief of Police – Howard University

“Rave Guardian was actively embraced, campus police are big fans of it. What we really like about Rave Guardian is that it works on any cell phone and is a really easy system to use.”

~ Brian Payst – Director of Information Technology – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

“The student only had to press one button to connect with Campus Police… Rave Guardian was used to get to the scene quicker… Rave Guardian was here and it helped… Does Rave Guardian work? Absolutely. Do our students feel comfortable using Rave Guardian? Absolutely.”

~ Stephen Davis – Director of Campus Safety – Maryland Institute College of Art

“It’s like blanketing our entire campus and the whole DC area with a virtual campus blue light phone. Brilliant!”

~ Michael McNair – Chief of Police – American University

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