Emergency Notification Systems Evaluation: 6 Overlooked Criteria

The Ultimate Emergency Notification Systems Evaluation

We conducted a full Emergency Notification Systems evaluation to ensure your campus safety is receiving far more than just “good enough” when it comes to such lifesaving technology. Your Emergency Notification System should be evaluated regularly to ensure you are aware of the system capabilities and limitations as well as how these areas may be impacted by advancements made in today’s modern technology.

When you evaluate your system, It’s worthwhile to consider areas peripheral to the core functions and features. In the Emergency Notification Systems Evaluation: 6 Overlooked Criteria white paper, we identify 6 areas outside of strict technical criteria that can make or break your emergency communication efforts.

Emergency Notification Systems Evaluation

These areas include:

  • Processes
  • Training
  • Data
  • Support
  • Communication Models
  • Network Capacity


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