Following the 2013 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Amendments to the Clery Act (also know as the Campus SaVE Act), campuses have tried to navigate competing advice and guidance to understand the new requirements. But how do campus professionals separate the facts from fiction when it comes to a “good faith effort” to comply?

In this webinar, Abigail Boyer, Assistant Executive Director of Programs at the Clery Center, provides an objective and accurate overview of the VAWA amendements.

During the Webinar you’ll learn:

  • Basic requirements of the Jeanne Clery Act
  • Myths and realities of the Clery Act and new VAWA Amendments
  • What is required of campuses making a “good faith effort” to comply with the new requirements, including what’s expected in this year’s annual security report (due October 1, 2014)
  • Key takeaways for addressing common Clery compliance challenges