Senior centers are a great partner to increase awareness about Smart911. With multiple communication points to the community they likely have a location that receives a lot of foot traffic, host many events that Smart911 can be included in, and have a newsletter or other communications in which Smart911 can be included.

And now with the addition of Rave Facility, senior centers can be provided with an additional level of protection for their facility and members of the community in the event of any emergency.

Reach out to the senior centers in your community

Senior centers can benefit from Smart911 and Smart911Facility. These locations have high levels of foot traffic, and serve an audience that often has many medical concerns and may be at risk for an emergency that requires calling 9-1-1.

  1. Reach out to these locations and let them know that they can create a profile for their location at
  2. Ask these contacts to let their community members know about and encourage them to create a safety profile to provide medical information to responders in the event of an emergency
    • Post information on their social media channels (if available)
    • Include information in newsletters or emails
    • Post information on bulletin boards throughout the facility
    • Host assisted registration events
  3. Issue a press release to your local media stations reminding citizens about Smart911 and how important medical and rescue notes are during an emergency


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Assisted Registration Events

Many seniors require assistance in order to sign up for Smart911. They may not have access to a computer or the internet, or they may not be comfortable with computers to complete registration on their own. We always recommend having a friend or family member assist seniors in signing up for Smart911, but you may find that an event hosted at your local Senior Center can provide a great opportunity to help a large group of seniors sign up and create their Safety Profiles.

Here are some best practices and materials to assist with this type of event.

Best Practices

  1. Determine a date, time and location for the event. If the senior center has a computer room that would be ideal, otherwise pick a room that will have plenty of space to set up stations with laptops, chairs for the seniors to site with a helper, and for people to wait for their turn
    1. Ensure this room has plenty of power outlets and internet access
  2. Be sure to promote the event well to seniors, you may want to ask for an RSVP to determine how many people will want to sign up. On average, it will take 15 mins per person/family to create their account, so adjust the length of event and the number of helpers/computers available accordingly
  3. Each account will need to have an email associated with it. If a senior does not have an email account, it is encouraged that they use the email of a family member or friend. If that is not possible additional options include
    1. Creating a free account for the senior (yahoo, hotmail, gmail).
    2. Creating a generic account that will be owned by your agency that can be used for all seniors who do not have email access
    3. The email address is used for notifications to the account and reminders to update. Reminders to update are also sent via automated voice calls
  4. Ensure that you add and confirm at least one phone number while the senior is with you. The profile will not be active until a phone number is confirmed.
    1. Mobile phones can be confirmed by text message or voice call
    2. Landline phones can have the confirmed call scheduled to occur at a later time. If they will be home at 6pm, schedule the call for that time and remind them to answer the unknown number and press “1” to confirm.
  5. In order to access their account in the future, the senior will need to login with their User ID and Password. If they will not remember it, encourage them to write it down.
  6. Ask the senior center to post a reminder in 6 months “If you created a Smart911 Safety Profile on <date> be sure to log in and update any information. If you need assistance ask <contact>

Safety Profile Guide– Hand this out to the senior and have them fill it in before sitting down to create their account