Smart911 Consumer Outreach


Smart911 Consumer Marketing

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Public Launch Toolkit

Press Release templates, Speaking Points, FAQs and more for your use in the public launch of Smart911.

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Monthly Safety Campaigns

Browse our monthly safety campaigns for all seasons, topics, and safety related events.

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Rave SmartSave Award

The Rave SmartSave Award honors call takers and responders for using Smart911, or any other product in the Rave 911 Suite, to positively impact an call. There is no limit to how many awards can be presented to an agency or individual in a given time frame.

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Printed Materials

Do you need content for a newsletter? Flyers, brochures, and business cards to hand out and spread the word.

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Electronic Materials

Browse our video resources, download graphics and content for your social media channels. Also access sample texts for email and SMS messages.

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Marketing Programs

Find resources for different emergency types, such as weather, as well as materials for working with community partners, such as hospitals, schools, and advocacy groups.

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Marketing Best Practices

Our best practices focus on specific topics related to community outreach and education. They are aimed to help all Smart911 locations actively engage in community outreach.

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Alerts With Smart911

Access materials to build a landing page and spread the word in your community about receiving emergency notifications.

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Internal Education

Educate members of your agency, response agencies and other partners with webinars, email templates and outreach materials.

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