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If you’re using a messaging solution that is hard to use, has unreliable delivery, poor performance or old data, you may be putting your employees and patients at risk.  

Switching to Rave Alert provides your healthcare organization with:

  • Unlimited emergency messages via text, email, voice, geo-targeted push notifications, digital signage and more
  • Reoccurring health checks to ensure all employees are healthy and symptom-free before starting their shift
  • Text to opt in capabilities to keep patients and temporary visitors informed of critical safety communications

Learn why switching to Rave Alert is a smooth, streamlined process with assistance throughout the entire transition.

Trusted by Thousands of Organizations

Thousands of customers trust Rave to help protect their employees, students, and residents. Our customers include some of the largest communities, most respected companies, and best known colleges and universities in the world.


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Discover our prepackaged solutions or configure a package that’s right for your community, company, K-12 schools and higher education system. Learn how you can be up and running in days, take advantage of unlimited emergency usage, and benefit from unbeatable performance and customer satisfaction.