In order to successfully prepare your organization for a crisis such as the coronavirus outbreak, having a plan in place that is both specific to the immediate threat but also offers inherent flexibility to respond to unique needs is crucial.  

Listen in on this timely and interactive discussion with Clint Emerson, emergency preparedness professional, NYT Best Selling Author and retired Navy SEAL to learn strategies and best practices to successfully prepare for and respond to a pandemic. 

Viewers will learn:

  • How to prepare employees for an event and manage the after effects 
  • Three simple steps to crisis management
  • Five pillars to successful program development

Meet the Speakers:

Clint Emerson

Emergency Preparedness Professional, NYT Best Selling Author and Retired Navy SEAL

Clint Emerson grew up in Saudi Arabia, where his father was a civil engineer for the state oil company Saudi Aramco. He attended high school in North Dallas and enlisted in the Navy in 1994, serving stints in SEAL Team Three and SEAL Team Six, before retiring in 2014. Now he runs a crisis-management consulting company, Escape the Wolf, based in Frisco, Texas.