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Product Features Sheets

Rave Alert Corporate SMS Opt-in

rave alert corporate sms opt-in resource preview

Enhance emergency communication with the people in your organization using Rave’s Business Alert SMS Opt-in solution with features designed to meet the needs of the corporate industry.

The Business Alert SMS Opt-in feature of Rave Alert provides an easy way for people – employees, contractors or visitors – to sign up for temporary or long-term communications in your alert database.

Members of your business community opt-in to receive alerts by sending a keyword unique to your organization via SMS.   While you can create more than one keyword for your organization, you can also use the same keyword for multiple events or occasions.

  • Your Alerts Reach a Wider Audience
  • Families and emergency contacts can opt-in to receive important updates.
  • If you’re hosting an event or conference, attendees and staff can opt-in to receive event updates.
  • Business groups can send targeted messages to those who request membership.

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