Enhance emergency communication with the people in your organization using Rave’s Business Alert SMS Opt-in solution with features designed to meet the needs of the corporate industry.

The Business Alert SMS Opt-in feature of Rave Alert provides an easy way for people – employees, contractors or visitors – to sign up for temporary or long-term communications in your alert database.

Members of your business community opt-in to receive alerts by sending a keyword unique to your organization via SMS.   While you can create more than one keyword for your organization, you can also use the same keyword for multiple events
or occasions.

Your Alerts Reach a Wider Audience

  • Families and emergency contacts can opt-in to receive important updates.
  • If you’re hosting an event or conference, attendees and staff can opt-in to receive event updates.
  • Business groups can send targeted messages to those who request membership.
  • Contracted employees, such as groundskeepers and cleaning staff, can opt-in for important facility updates.