What is the Rave Panic Button?

The Rave Panic Button is a smartphone app that accelerates emergency responses by informing 9-1-1 about the nature and location of an emergency immediately. More effective at saving time and saving lives than any other panic button product, the Rave Panic Button can also be used to enhance incident management.


Most people are familiar with the concept of a physical wall-mounted or desk-mounted panic button. When an emergency occurs, you hit the panic button and send an alarm to either a caregiver, a security department, or 9-1-1 depending on the purpose of the panic button (i.e. medical, intruder, fire, or other emergency) and how it has been set up.

These, and wearable panic buttons, are great if the purpose of the panic button is to alert a specific emergency service to a specific type of emergency in a specific location - for example, an elderly person falling over in their home. However, if a panic button is intended to cover all types of emergency events in a large area, they tend to be impractical.

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This is because the panic button is not capable of communicating the nature of the emergency nor the exact location. Most panic button signals have a central dispatch point, and this is the location to which 9-1-1 call dispatchers will send emergency responders (once the nature of the emergency is established). On a large campus, the actual emergency could be miles away. 

Panic Button Smartphone Apps

Panic button smartphone apps overcome these issues by offering users a choice of emergency incidents to select (medical, fire, active shooter, etc.). They also send an exact location to 9-1-1 call dispatchers so the right type of emergency service is sent to the right location. The time this process saves can be vital for those affected by the emergency and potentially save lives.

However, that's not where the advantages of panic button smartphone apps finish. When the panic button app is activated, key on-site personal are also alerted to the nature and location of the emergency - enabling emergency preparedness plans to be put into action, or a passageway cleared for medical responders if a person has been taken ill.

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The Rave Panic Button Smartphone App

The Rave Panic Button is an advanced smartphone app that includes a number of features to further accelerate emergency responses and enhance emergency management. Organizations that implement the Rave Panic Button system will have the option to upload facility data such as floor plans, utility cut-offs, and the locations of AEDs to better support arriving first responders.

Rave Panic Button Non-Emergency Use CasesThe system can also be integrated with Video Management Systems, access controls, PA systems, and emergency notification systems. The integrated system is hosted inside a local police station and, as well as providing access and communication channels to law enforcement officers, also feeds into incident command and mapping systems. 

For less serious incidents, the Rave Panic Button includes a “Staff Assist” feature that enables authorized employees to quickly communicate an incident without initiating an emergency call to 9-1-1. An example of when this might be a useful feature is when a playground assistant has to attend to a sick student, but is unable to leave the rest of the students unsupervised.

Find Out More about the Rave Panic Button

Panic Button DemoYou can find out more about the Rave Panic Button by visiting www.ravemobilesafety.com and requesting a free demo of the panic button smartphone app in action. Rave Mobile Safety's excellent customer service team will be happy to answer any questions you have about implementing and testing the app and integrating it into your organization's safety and security plans.

The Rave Panic Button is SAFETY Act Certified by the Department of Homeland Security and trusted by schools, universities, hospitals, and businesses nationwide to accelerate emergency responses and enhance incident management. When seconds count, the Rave Panic Button can be trusted to save lives with the push of a button.