Charities Rave Supports in 2021

Each year our team identifies a select group of charities to work with. Here are our current charitable partners:

First Responders Children’s Foundation
First Responders Children’s Foundation

Supports both children who have lost a parent in the line of duty and families enduring significant financial hardships due to tragic circumstances.

Home Base Program
Home Base Program - Veteran & Family Care

Healing the invisible wounds for service members, veterans, and their families through clinical care, wellness, education and research. 

Kyle Plush Answer the Call Foundation
Kyle Plush Answer the Call Foundation

Uplifting families and communities to advocate for common sense public policy that fosters safer, friendlier, and more resilient communities.

Lutz Live to Tell Foundation
Lutz Live to Tell Foundation

Improve the lives of military and first responders with supportive services, access to local resources, and creating preventative solutions.

Employee Give
Back Day

As a benefit to both its employees and the community, Rave encourages all employees to take an Employee Give Back Day for community service projects. Recently our Director of Product Management, Laura, was part of a group that distributed 450 30-pound boxes of food and supplies to community organizations and direct to families. 

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As a Company it’s important to align with organizations that share our values and are committed to safety and first response. Our Corporate Charity Program is an important way for us to show support."

Bill Price


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Rave’s charitable partners have already been selected for this year. If your organization is focused on the causes we support and you would like us to consider you in future years, please reach out.

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