Rave Panic Button

Rave Panic Button

One Button Push to Improve Response Times

rave panic button app

In seconds, the Rave Panic Button app clearly communicates an emergency to 9-1-1, on-site personnel, and first responders. Response times are shortened and safety for all those in the immediate area is improved.

With the push of a button, the Rave Panic Button app immediately dials 9-1-1 , while simultaneously sending notifications to people on-site of the incident.
The Rave Panic Button app delivers critical response data to 9-1-1 dispatchers and first responders, giving them tools to coordinate a faster and more effective response.
Rave Panic Button is trusted by schools, universities, hospitals, and corporations nationwide because when seconds count Rave Panic Button can be trusted to save lives.

Key Features


In the event of an on-site crisis, an organization member can activate the Rave Panic
Button app system by pushing one of the five emergency button types. Upon activation,
the user’s phone will immediately dial 9-1-1 and at the same time, a preset notification
is delivered to all necessary personnel including staff, and security.

panic button app

Instant Notification

A Rave Panic Button activation generates and delivers an instant notification to authorized on-site employees and security personnel. The automated functionality allows your employees to take immediate action during a crisis, such as locking down, evacuating the facility, or responding with an AED.

Internal Communications

Rave Panic Button’s Staff Assist feature enables authorized employees to communicate with on-site groups or individuals without initiating an emergency call to 9-1-1. Internal groups and message templates are predetermined to enable fast communication and reduce the duration of disruptions.

“We trust the Rave Panic Button app for instant communication with 911, first responders, and school personnel during an emergency.”

Enhanced Coordination and Response

Easily maintain and share facility information for use in an emergency.

The Rave Panic Button app delivers critical data such as detailed caller location, floor plans, emergency exit locations, emergency contacts, and key procedures.

When an authorized user activates Rave Panic Button, a 9-1-1 call is initiated and a 9-1-1 call taker has immediate access to additional information such as where in the facility the call is coming from, building floor plans and points of entry, as well as who launched the activation and the type of emergency situation at hand.

As the incident unfolds, 9-1-1 serves as an incident command center by using the additional information to provide instructions to the responding crew, on-site administrators, and security. The enhanced coordination between authorized app users, 9-1-1 call takers and first responders saves time and lives.

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Location-Based Alerting

Provide exact location information to 9-1-1 during an emergency.

Rave Panic Button enables you to identify the boundaries of all buildings and outdoor areas at your facility to deliver exact location information to 9-1-1 when a call is made on-site.

The Rave Panic Button app is able to use the boundary information to identify and relay the caller’s location to 9-1-1, and an automatic emergency notification is also sent to authorized staff.

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Incident Management & Messaging

Robust response dashboard for onsite staff

Never miss an incident. With Rave Command View, Rave Panic Button administrators have complete visibility into every panic button activation on your campus as well as its location, incident type, and the location’s facility data.

You can connect from anywhere and monitor and manage situations in real time. Administrators and on-site security are the first to know of an incident and can coordinate a response. With floor plans and location provided, on-site responders will have enhanced situational awareness and can respond faster. Administrators can manage on-going incidents with real-time messages to staff and personnel by sending and receiving accurate updates as events unfold.

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“It’s the only solution we’ve seen that provides the immediate cross organizational communication needed during a school emergency.”

Rave Panic Button Benefits

Preplan and automate internal communications to maximize the efficiency of your incident
management and emergency response plans. Customize messages to
be delivered to preselected groups and individuals during a situational crisis.

Additional Functionality Integrations

Integrates with a Video Management System that can also integrate with access controls, PA systems and emergency notification systems. Triggers the launch of radio, phones and cameras into one system. The system is hosted inside a local police station and will immediately provide access and communication channels to the police, and feeds into incident command and mapping systems.

Enhanced Collaboration

Brings 9-1-1, first responders, and authorized employees officials together to collaborate and conduct emergency planning and panic button drills. The facilities, 9-1-1, and first responders have a full partnership and integration into emergency plans. By working together, 9-1-1, first responders, and participating facilities are better prepared for the next major emergency.

Certifications & Awards


SAFETY Act Certified by the Department of Homeland Security

GSN 2016 Homeland Security Awards – Finalist

2017 Finalist for DRI International Awards of Excellence