Rave Panic Button

Rave Panic Button

Enhancing Emergency Response for Schools, Hospitals and Corporate Campuses

In seconds, Rave Panic Button clearly communicates an emergency to 9-1-1, on-site personnel, and first responders.

  • Connects directly to 9-1-1 with a voice call.
  • Instantly alerts all on-site personnel – speeding up emergency procedures.
  • Immediately provides 9-1-1 with campus layout and other details, which is shared with first responders.
  • Opens real-time communication among 9-1-1, campus personnel, and first responders.

How it Works On the Phone

Authorized employees download the Rave Panic Button app to their mobile phones. A user can then press and hold the emergency call type they wish to place. Two things then happen:

  1. A 9-1-1 call is placed from that phone and 2-way dialogue opened.
  2. All phones in the Rave Panic Buttom emergency response system are alerted that a panic call has been placed – this happens in about 2 seconds – and the entire campus can immediately begin emergency procedures.

How it Works On Campus

Administrators authorize employees to download the Rave Panic Button app by entering their mobile phone numbers into a secure database.

Administrators also create a campus profile containing critical information – floor plans, descriptions and location of key personnel, numbers and locations of students or employees, or anything else that might enhance emergency response. This information becomes instantly available to 9-1-1 when a panic call is placed.


When a panic call is placed, all employees in the campus’ emergency response system receive a Panic Button alert which jump starts emergency procedures. Once 9-1-1 determines the exact nature of the emergency, they send additional messages to the entire group to keep them updated and informed.

Staff Assist Internal Alerting

Staff Assist instantly connects your users to on-site help during urgent non-emergency situations.

Staff Assist supports multiple preset message and recipient lists for different incident types. Authorized users can also send custom messages to update or provide direction during incidents.

How it Works At 9-1-1

When 9-1-1 receives an incoming Panic Call…

  • The 9-1-1 call taker automatically knows who is calling and from what campus and have detailed information about the campus on their screen. Additionally, they can begin text messaging to the entire Panic Button emergency response group with updates and other information.
  •  The speed and accuracy of additional relevant information given to 9-1-1 dramatically reduces call taking and response times and helps to quickly setup incident management.

“Rave Panic Button provides a critical link between the communications center, school resource officers, school administrators and responders. It will save time in our response, give us better situational awareness and enable us to act more precisely and effectively when we are on scene.”

Chief Tom O’Loughlin
Chief of Police
Milford, Massachusetts