Business Partners

Our business partners are experts in safety communications for college campuses, office buildings, or via mobile. 


Juvare delivers technology-enabled solutions for global health and emergency response. Our solutions support and connect health care providers and emergency preparedness & response personnel. Check out the latest collaboration between Rave and Juvare, The Rave Alert Extension for WebEOC.

AK Associates

Implementing new technology solutions for PSAPs, including Smart911.


A leader in telecommunication services and business partner for both campus and public safety.


Leader in higher education software and services.

Intralogic Solutions

A leader in video surveillance, alarms, and access control.


Real-time Interoperable Communications Multimedia Sharing.

TeleCommunication Systems

Supplies messaging and location technology to wireless carriers, including software and services. Unique non-profit grass roots organization dedicated to campus safety education.

Security On Campus

Unique non-profit grass roots organization dedicated to campus safety education.

West Safety Services

Support services for telecommunications providers and public safety agencies worldwide.

Lyme Computer Systems

Lyme Computer Systems is an employee-owned IT solutions provider serving Federal Government, prime contractors, and businesses worldwide.


SHI is an $8.5 billion global provider of information technology products and services.

Technology Partners

Our technology partners are innovation machines, with powerful tools that improve communication infrastructure on various platforms. 

Alertus Technologies

Technology partner offering interoperable facility notification systems.

ATI Systems

Integration of proprietary acoustic notification and outdoor public warning systems.

AT&T Certified Solution

Text and voice alert delivery. User location via GPS. AT&T Certified Solution.


Domestic infrastructure partner; multiple binds for Bluegrass Cellular.


Domestic infrastructure partner.

Singlewire Software

Software integration; Delivery of InformaCast Advanced Notification alerts via Rave.


SMS messaging delivery; network based location services.


International infrastructure partner; multiple binds.


SMS message delivery; National JMA Partner.


Infrastructure partner specializing in digital signage software.


Partnering with Internet of Things companies and the public safety community to transform emergency response

Recovery Planner

A leading authority on the various areas that make-up Organizational Resiliency Solutions.

Industry Partners

Our industry partners identify trends and help to set the standards for safety and communication technology.

NENA – The 9-1-1 Association

Fostering the technological advancement, availability, and implementation of a universal emergency telephone number system.

APCO – Association of Public Safety Communication Officials

The world’s oldest and largest not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to the enhancement of public safety communications.


A nonprofit association and the foremost community of IT leaders and professionals committed to advancing higher education.

Denise Amber Lee Foundation

The foundation is dedicated to changes in the 9-1-1 system in order to minimize human error.

iCERT – The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies

iCERT plays an important role as the voice of companies on issues impacting the emergency response system.

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