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    Rave Alert Launch Checklist

    This checklist provides you with 4 steps to ensure a successful launch of Rave Alert to your community. 

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    Step 1: Internal Education & Support

    • Before your public launch, ensure your internal staff is aware of your new Alert system and have signed up. Internal education is a great way to test messaging and the registration process.
    • Gain support from safety agencies partners to help you reach your community

    Step 2: Prepare Community Marketing

    • If you are switching from alert system utilize your remaining minutes:
      • Message current registrants to sign up for your new Alert system weeks before the switch
        • Example text:
          Effective <date>, <town/county> will replace its current alert system to <AgencyAlert>. To sign up, visit <website> or download the Smart911 App.

    Step 3: Public Launch

    • Issue press release 
      • Include quote from public official – Police Chief, Fire Chief, Director of EMS or 9-1-1 Director
    • Host press conference (if applicable)
    • Engage Local Media
      • Local TV
      • Local Radio
      • Local Newspaper
      • Local Bloggers

    Step 4: Get Social


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    Contact our community marketing team dedicated to supporting your outreach efforts.

    Email: marketingrequests@ravemobilesafety.com

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