The problems Stony Brook Hospital faced were not minor: Power was interrupted for 22 hrs Regional power and cellular networks were down - unable to contact key hospital personnel and partners Internet was down and redundant/failover network inaccessible Travel restricted Increase in ER activity In this 30-minute webinar, Lawrence M. Zacarese, Assistant Chief of Police [...]
Aug 17, 2017

The Clery Act requires colleges and universities to have an emergency notification system (ENS).  David Batastini, Product Manager for Rave Alert, suggests that you can expand the value of your ENS beyond Clery requirements and extend the reach of your ENS system with: SMS Opt-in – provide convenient alert opt-in for students and anyone visiting your campus. Push Notifications via […]

Aug 9, 2017
Case Study: Newberry County, SC Sees Rave 911 Suite Impact 15% of 9-1-1 calls Since deploying Rave 911 Suite in January of 2017, Newberry County 9-1-1 call takers use the Rave 911 Suite tools on over 15% of calls. Facing an increase of 9-1-1 mobile calls that provide limited information, Newberry County Sheriff’s Office added the Rave [...]
Jul 17, 2017
Critical Communication and Response Platform The Rave Platform gets the right message to the right people at the right time in all situations. Alert your entire company, message within departments, and keep individual employees connected – all through a unified platform. Trusted Communication, When Everything Else Fails. Streamlined outbound notifications App-powered employee response 2-way, always [...]
Jul 10, 2017
rave panic button emergency response app 00

Rave Panic Button is the only solution that, with a push of a button, initiates a call to 911, displaying critical information such as where the call is coming from, who pushed the panic button, the type of emergency, and key facility information.

Jul 7, 2017
Manufacturing Emergency Notification Checklist
7 Essentials for ENS Success This guide will help you choose the most effective manufacturing emergency communication system. Whether traditional phone tree system or state of the art multimodal alerting -- your Emergency Notification System (ENS) anchors emergency communication and response. Periodic ENS reviews help you keep pace with technological, legal, and cultural change. Use our [...]
Jun 29, 2017

The Rave Panic Button has revolutionized emergency response in Arkansas schools and has saved lives due to improved communication between 9-1-1, first responders, and on-site school staff. The role of 9-1-1 in a school emergency has evolved greatly in Arkansas thanks to the Rave Panic Button. Now, 9-1-1, first responders and schools have a strong […]

Jun 22, 2017
Taking Action Against The Opioid Crisis Law Enforcement, the unsung hero in the Opioid Crisis, continues to take creative and meaningful action in this battle to save lives. "The Opioid Crisis: Saving One Life at a Time" provides an update on the scope of the Opioid problem and highlights how Police Departments have evolved their response. In the [...]
Jun 22, 2017
Addressing Sexual Violence on Campus / Clery Center Clarifies VAWA Amendments
More Accurate Caller Location Information Speeds Response Rave 911 Suite location data gives 9-1-1 call takers improved, consolidated location information and refines Mobile ALI locations into a single view. Location Data Sources Mobile ALI, the primary source of 9-1-1 location data. Smart911 Profile,  accurate inferred location with work and home addresses provided individuals. RapidSOS Clearinghouse,  highly accurate using best [...]
Jun 15, 2017
Not Just "Part of the Job" Healthcare makes up just 9 percent of the overall U.S. workforce—but experiences nearly as many violent injuries as all other industries combined. And the rate of violence is rising. The overall violent crime rate at hospitals increased in 2016 compared to the previous year. Knowing these staggering statistics, it’s [...]
May 10, 2017
Case Study: Stony Brook Medicine Relies on Rave Alert During Super Storm Sandy Stony Brook Medicine, a 603-bed facility with over 6,000 employees, leveraged Rave Alert during multiple emergencies during Super Storm Sandy to communicate with hospital staff during the  30-hour campus-wide network outage.   For a 48-hour period throughout Super Storm Sandy, the on-campus [...]
May 9, 2017
Ensure Everyone is Protected with Rave Alert SMS Opt-in SMS Opt-in, a Rave Alert add-on, provides an easy way for people – employees, contractors or visitors – to sign up for temporary or long-term inclusion in your alert database. Members of your corporate community opt-in to receive alerts using SMS and a keyword unique to [...]
May 9, 2017
Communicate and Protect with Rave Alert SMS Opt-in SMS Opt-in, a Rave Alert add-on, provides an easy way for people – residents, commuters or visitors – to sign up for temporary or long-term inclusion in your alert database. Members of your community opt-in to receive alerts using SMS and a keyword unique to your organization. [...]
May 9, 2017
How a Multi-National Consumer Goods Manufacturer is Improving Communications Speed and Corporate Resiliency In 2015, the corporation recognized several critical issues that caused significant inconveniences for their employees and impacted their bottom line. As a result, the division of a large multi-national consumer goods manufacturer selected Rave Alert to improve their ability to rapidly communicate [...]
Apr 28, 2017
Healthcare violence makes healthcare the most dangerous work environment. Doctors, nurses, aides, and staff are all at risk of workplace violence. As the video highlights, the data is staggering. At Rave, we can help. Our healthcare safety solutions provide critical communication capability and increased safety at the facility, team, and individual levels.
Apr 13, 2017
Expand Campus Protection With Rave Alert SMS Opt-in SMS Opt-in, a Rave Alert add-on, expands accessibility to your Rave Alert communications. It lets members of your campus community opt-in to receive alerts using SMS and an assigned keyword unique to your institution. You can use a keyword for multiple events and can have multiple keywords. [...]
Apr 5, 2017
911 SMS Service chat success

911 Director of Ottawa County in MI measures the ROI of the 911 SMS service enabling dispatchers to connect with 911 callers via SMS text.

Apr 5, 2017
University Mass Notification System

Emergency Notification Systems Evaluation: Review the 6 areas outside of strict technical criteria that can make or break your emergency notification system efforts including process, training, data hygiene, support, local network capacity, and over-communication.

Mar 21, 2017

Don Aviv, COO of Interfor International, reviews corporate risk management and the 4 emerging trends central to corporate safety & security.

Mar 8, 2017
Bridging the Gap: 21st Century Community Policing Police shootings and violent confrontations with citizens seem to be a staple of nightly news. Whether it's an accurate portrayal of police-community reality or not, it's a visible factor driving police around the country to reevaluate basic tenets of policing and how departments engage with their communities. Bridging [...]
Mar 2, 2017

With so little time between beginning and end of a violent incident, access to emergency plans in the critical moments when an incident occurs can substantially reduce response times and increase school safety.

Feb 23, 2017
Rave Mobile Safety

Rave 911 Suite helps 9-1-1 call takers and first responders make faster, better decisions, shorten emergency response times, and save lives.

Feb 10, 2017
emergency notification

By utilizing outbound 911 text messages, the Ottawa County 911 Center saw a massive impact on the effectiveness of 9-1-1 call taking and emergency response. Download the Rave 911 Suite case study to learn more about how Ottawa County is leveraging 911 text messages to achieve a higher response rate on dropped calls, high cost avoidance, and numerous lives saved.

Feb 7, 2017
When Bay County Central Dispatch mass alerts volume exceeded one million messages annually, they decided to upgrade their emergency notification system. Bay County Central Dispatch selected Rave Alert based on its capabilities and flexibility to send both broad and targeted communications at a high volume. Implementation was smooth, non-disruptive, and efficient. 75% of database migrated [...]
Jan 11, 2017

How law enforcement can use technology to better protect 911 callers with a mental health emergency, as well as the first responders reporting to the scene.

Jan 11, 2017