University of Central Florida Keeps Campus Safe Through Hurricane Irma with Rave Alert™

There are more tornadoes per square mile in Florida than in any other state. The current average lead time for a tornado warning is 13 minutes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere (NOAA). So this means that from the time a warning is issued to the time it’s predicted to hit an area, people have 13 minutes to seek shelter.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) saw firsthand Rave Alert’s capability when Hurricane Irma made landfall, spawning over 50 tornado warnings across central Florida. In all, there was 21 confirmed tornadoes across the Florida peninsula. The UCF Department of Security and Emergency Management sent out alerts to a total of 76,000 members of the campus community.

Download the case study, University of Central Florida Keeps Campus Safety Through Hurricane Irma with Rave Alert™, to learn how UCF uses Rave Alert to keep its campus community safe, as well as how the SMS Opt-in feature helps off-duty law enforcement  personnel assist UCF’s Police Department during game days.