Swatting 101... and What Do We Do About it?

While not a new phenomenon (see this bulletin from the FBI from 2008: recently “swatting” has moved from an obscure...
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Better Flu Response through Technology

The map to the right is great news if you’re the Republican candidate for the Presidency; however, if it represents...
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Whole Community Assessment & Its Impact on Emergency Preparedness

Most emergency managers maintain detailed inventories of critical infrastructure, their vulnerabilities, state of...
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Will Newtown's Legacy Be Better Holistic Engagement on Public Safety?

The tragic events at Sandy Hook elementary have once again brought us together in mourning an act of senseless...
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Looking back at Sandy: A Quick First Take on Lessons Learned

While Sandy is still fresh in our collective conscience (even more so for those still without power), I figured it...
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Could Citizen Self Service be Extended to 9-1-1?

With declining revenue and increasing demands on service, could citizen self service / eGovernment be extended into...
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Re-Thinking Emergency Response Metrics

OK, I am going to admittedly stray out of my usual “techie” comfort zone and make some observations on PSAP...
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comparing CMAS

Rave Learning Series: Comparing CMAS and Text Messaging

Here’s a quick video overview to help you understand the differences between how CMAS works and traditional SMS text...
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You Don’t Know Where I am? Understanding E9-1-1 Location Accuracy

The ability for 9-1-1 telecommnuicators to locate a wireless caller is perhaps one of the most misunderstood...
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FCC Moving to a Leadership Position on Public Safety and 9-1-1

The FCC is seemingly taking an increasingly active (and welcome) role in 9-1-1 lately.  Their active role in...
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Compliance vs. Leadership?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the steps it takes to move from mere compliance with Clery Act, HEOA and related...
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data graph

What is Additional Data, anyway?

In previous posts, I’ve discussed how some “Legacy ALI” data will be sourced through NG9-1-1 Additional Data, and ...
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