managing by exception

Managing By Exception in the PSAP of the Future

A few weeks back I wrote about how the telecommunicator role will evolve to be more like that of Air Traffic control.
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Can We Go Wrong in Creating Public Safety Communications Standards?

This year’s APCO show was great, and got me thinking a lot about technical standards and their place in public...
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TENA Review: Humbling and Inspiring To Be in This Industry

As I sit on the plane flying back to the Northeast after attending the Tennessee Emergency Number Association...
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Will The Telecommunicator Role Become More Like Air Traffic Control?

I used to fly for a living.  In fact, I used to regularly land at the busiest airport in the world (surprise –it’s...
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marathon bombing webinar

Marathon Bombing Webinar Recap – Campus Crisis Communications

Rave Mobile Safety recently hosted a webinar – Campus Crisis Communication: Three Boston Campuses Share Their...
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Better Understanding the Emergency Communication Needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

I had the pleasure of attending an Emergency Management Interpreter Training session this past weekend.  No, I’m not...
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No simple answers for violence in higher education communities

I recently read a thought provoking blog entry “Is Violence Affecting Chicago's Higher Education Community?” on the ...
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A "Really Big Deal": NENA and ANSI Certification

Last month NENA announced a key milestone for the organization; they are now a certified ANSI Standards Developing...
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Key Success Factors for Marathon Bombing Medical Care

Despite the devastation caused by the blasts at the Boston Marathon on Monday, the difference between a single-digit...
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Top 5 Social Media and Communication Learnings from Boston Marathon Bombing

It’s always risky to publish initial reactions before all the details have shaken out, but I find it’s important to...
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What is This Big Data Thing and Why Should Public Safety Care?

Web 2.0, social networking, SaaS, cloud… it seems like each year there is a new buzz word with which we are expected...
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Emergency Call.jpg

What NOT to Do When Calling 9-1-1 (or Witnessing a Dying Person's Last Breaths)

Nearly everything a 9-1-1 caller should not do is demonstrated in a recent call to the Fire Department in...
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