Building/Buying An (Safety) App Is Not a Strategy

We see a lot of requests for proposals for various safety applications, and many have this question: “Does your...
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The Impact of Patent Reform on Public Safety

OK... I'll admit right off the bat that given the myriad of issues we face in public safety, patent reform does not...
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What Can Public Safety Emergency Communications Learn from a Decade of War in Iraq and Afghanistan

In preparation for our upcoming Whole Community Preparedness Conference, I’ve been thinking a lot about what we in...
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group of college students

Personal Safety on Campus: When "Low Risk" is NOT "No Risk"

One general personal safety issue -- one could argue that it's the central issue around protecting students, faculty...
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Worrying About E9-1-1 Location Misses the Point

UPDATE: Since the initial publishing of this blog, the FCC has issued proposed requirements for indoor location that...
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Why Should Public Safety Care about CES 2014, a Consumer Tech Trade Show?

Ok, I admit I’ve always wanted to go to CES 2014 (the premier consumer electronics and tech show held every year in...
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E9-1-1 Location: What's the Big Deal?

Recently, issues with E911 location accuracy have been all over the news, even hitting the mainstream press like the
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Short List of Things to Be Thankful For (with a Public Safety Bent)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here's a quick list of things (with a public safety bent) I am particularly thankful...
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Understanding Mobile Phone Location Based Services

Since the early days at Rave, we have been actively involved in location based services and are one of the only...
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Remembering John F Kennedy

#JFK50...How Social Media Has Changed Our Response to Tragic Events

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, several incredible...
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Changing our Mindset about Public Safety Technology and Innovation

I still have an old school radio in my car. I don’t stream from an iPod or have satellite radio, just sports radio...
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6-Sigma Design and Public Safety Processes

I’ve been writing for a while now about how we in the 9-1-1 industry need to look outside the 4 walls of the PSAP at...
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