the rave panic button

Looking Backward and Forward at “Panic Button” Technologies and Requirements

The first month of a new year is a natural time to look back at what was learned and look forward to opportunities...
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emergency notification system evaluation

What are you overlooking during your emergency notification system evaluation?

Over the past few years, Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) have evolved from simple alerting to comprehensive...
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National Stalking Awareness Month

Today, there is heavy focus on campus safety, particularly on the threat of active shooters.  In January during...
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A Look Back: Top 5 Emergency Communications Trends of 2015

It’s that time of year when we look back at the past year and forward to the next. To understand where we are...
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wifi calling to 911

WiFi calling to 911: Testing Results and Implications

Recently, mobile carriers began enabling Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling on specific devices, where the...
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rave panic button technology

How to Speed up Response to Active Shooters in Higher Ed

By their nature, higher education institutions are generally open environments with minimal control over who has...
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IACP 2015 Insights – Predictions on New Technology Impacts on 911

Outside of the very cool armored vehicles and weapons on display, there were some clear technology trends at this...
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How Does E911 Work?

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself describing how E9-1-1 wireless call routing works. I’ve struggled to...
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Separating Fact from Fiction in Your Public Safety Technology Decisions

The public safety market is undergoing a technology transformation unlike any it has ever seen. From public safety...
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higher ed faculty library

Campus Safety Apps Are for Staff and Faculty Too

Mobile safety applications such as Rave Guardian have garnered a lot of attention as tools that help students build...
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SNOPAC 911 emergency communications

SNOPAC 911 Emergency Communications Honored by NG9-1-1 Institute

Washington’s SNOPAC Recognized for Public-Private Partnership with Area Schools and Rave Mobile Safety in Setting...
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call taking and dispatch

Re-Thinking the Role of Call Taking and Dispatch in a NG9-1-1 World

Whether you’ve thought about it as the ability to support text messaging, IP-based call routing, getting additional...
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