employee communications

HR Leaders Should Evaluate Their Company Communications Software

It is safe to say that nobody could have predicted the dire impact of the coronavirus pandemic back at the beginning...
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Do You Know How To Prepare Your Front Lines For Community Protection?

Preparing the front lines of community protection is a complex task. Not only is it necessary to plan for every...
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Severe Weather Safety Planning Is Important For Protecting Your Family

Readers with longer memories may recall that the severe weather hurricane season didn't always start on June 1st and...
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high school mental health crisis

Addressing the High School Mental Health Crisis

Discussing ways to address a high school mental health crisis is a difficult subject because, despite many...
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communication systems in healthcare - doctors using ipad

What are Common Communication Systems in Healthcare?

There are many different types of communication systems in healthcare, and many different ways in which they are...
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Seaboard Foods Case Study Illustrates the Versatility of the Rave Platform

Seaboard Foods is a Fortune 500 company best known as the second largest pig producer and the fourth largest pork...
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emergency blue light box

Do Emergency Blue Light Boxes Work? The History of This Campus Safety Tool

If you have visited a college or university campus in the past thirty years, the likelihood is you will have seen an...
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Police Perception Report

Police Perception Report Reveals How Americans Rate Local Public Safety Services

Earlier this year, the software company Polco published an eBook in which responses to the 2020 National Police...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Service Worker Safety

According to RegisteredNursing.org, more than 20 percent of coronavirus cases in some states are among healthcare...
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whistleblower red collar crime

What is Red Collar Crime?

Red collar crime is a subgroup of white collar crime in which the perpetrator uses violence to avoid detection or...
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What to Look for When Evaluating Campus Security Software

Due to the many different types of campus security software, there is no one-size-fits-all procedure for evaluating...
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Police Car Blue Alert

A Timeline of Blue Alerts, What They Are, and How They Work

For more than ten years, many state and local governments have had the ability to use a “blue alert” system of mass...
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