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March 19 2019


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, March 19, 2019— The Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association recently voted to endorse a school safety application known as Rave Mobile Safety. The Rave Panic Button, if state funding is allocated, would be deployed to all K-12 public schools across Oklahoma according to OSA executive director Ray McNair.

“The Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association recently became aware of the Rave Panic Button school safety program via Arkansas, where it is deployed statewide to over 1,000 schools, and recently won a legislative policy award by the Southern Legislative Conference,” McNair said. “OSA members believe that protecting our children is a top priority and endorse this school safety application as a solution that will save lives, and most importantly, will work for all types of school emergencies, ensuring that the program can be used whenever an incident occurs on campus.”

According to the FBI Study of Active Shooter Events, during an active assailant incident, another person is shot every 15 seconds. The Rave system provides immediate notification to those on-site of the incident including SRO’s, teachers, faculty and staff. It also notifies law enforcement that an event is occurring which reduces overall response time. Other Rave components include:

  • Follow up notifications from 9-1-1 and public safety provide additional details about the event including run/hide/fight or other key directives.
  • Rave provides a standardized communication tool to enhance interoperability that allows first responders from multiple jurisdictions to communicate during multi-tenant complex response.
  • On-demand access to floor plans, Emergency Operations Plans, classroom rosters, administrative information and other critical building specific information allows first responders to move through the building with actionable intelligence.
  • Rave Panic Button works for all types of emergencies and provides intelligent notification based on the activation type allowing for appropriate scale of response and the right delivery of resources.
  • Rave Panic Button allows individuals on-site to text 9-1-1 even if they are afraid to speak providing additional potentially critical information to law enforcement.
  • Dissemination of key information to first responders including physical descriptions, event details or all-clear messages assisting with overall operational effectiveness.
  • Ubiquitous coverage of all schools in a cost-effective scalable manner through software-as-service with no costly hardware.