Our Mission

Rave Mobile Safety’s mission is to become the most trusted software company in the world – delivering impactful safety and preparedness solutions that enable millions to feel safe, secure, and connected.

Communication technologies and preferences are undergoing a major transformation, and in many cases, the capabilities of agencies entrusted with our safety have not kept up. Rave Mobile Safety’s focus is on providing agencies and those they serve with the best technology for securely connecting with one another.

We are helping protect millions each and every day. Your safety is our business.

Our Customers

Our customers include over a thousand leading public safety agencies and institutes of higher education. From universities with 100,000 students, to small private institutions, to 9-1-1 centers handling millions of emergency calls for service, we are privileged to work with dedicated campus and public safety officials across the country.

We’re inspired every day by our clients dedication to enhancing the safety of their constituents and are committed to providing our clients with the best technologies to support their mission. We are proud of our 99% client renewal rate and the impact we`ve had on improving safety and helping save lives.