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    Smart911 - Coronavirus Community Marketing Checklist

    Download the Smart911 Checklist - Coronavirus


    STEP 1: Prepare Community Marketing

    - Gain support from public health and safety agencies
    - Issue Smart911 Press Release Template - Coronavirus
    - Include quote from public official – Police Chief, Fire Chief, Director of EMS or 9-1-1 Director

    STEP 2: Engage Local Media

    - Local TV
    - Local Radio
    - Local Newspaper
    - Local Bloggers

    STEP 3: Get Social

    - Smart911 Social Media Posts - Coronavirus
    - Smart911 Social Media Resources - Coronavirus

    STEP 4: Add Website Resources

    - Smart911 Social Media Resources– Coronavirus
    - Smart911 Email Template - Coronavirus
    - Smart911 Use Cases
    - Smart911 Fact Sheet
    - Smart911 FAQs
    - Smart911 Videos - Coronavirus

    STEP 5: Reach Out to Community

    Resources for Community Engagement

    - Smart911 Coronavirus - Take Control, Let us Know Promotional Webpage
    - Smart911 Community Presentation
    - Smart911 Registration Kit - Coronavirus
    - Smart911 Flyers - Coronavirus

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