Emergency Text Alert System

An emergency text alert system uses SMS text messaging to warn contacts of the risk of danger for a very good reason. SMS text messaging is the most popular form of electronic person-to-person communication, and message recipients only have to hear the ringtone of an incoming message in order to reach for their mobile devices to see who is trying to contact them.

Due to the popularity of SMS text messaging, 95% of all text messages are opened and read within three minutes of delivery. This helps explain why so many retailers use SMS messaging as a core part of their marketing strategies, and why an SMS-based emergency text alert system is the most effective ways of getting the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Rave Alert Employee Communications

A Simple Explanation of How a Text Alert System Works

In order to use an emergency text alert system, two items are necessary – a platform from which emergency messages are sent, and a database of contacts. Acquiring access to a platform is straightforward. A system administrator contacts a system provider (for example Rave Mobile Safety) and is issued with log-in credentials for the system provider´s platform (our platform is “Rave Alert”).

The database of contacts can be populated using two methods. System administrators can integrate Rave Alert with an existing database of contacts – for example a Student Information System – or use a text-based “Opt-In/Opt-Out” facility similar to how retailers run their SMS marketing campaigns (for example, text “join” to 123456 to opt in, and “stop” to 123456 to opt out).

Then, when an emergency occurs, the system administrator logs into the Rave Alert platform, writes their warning message, selects that everyone in the database should receive it by SMS text and clicks send. Due to the immediacy of SMS texting, contacts should receive the message within minutes – warning them to the risk of danger and potentially saving lives.

Hospital Emergency Text Message System

An emergency text message system should be part of every organization´s Emergency Preparedness Plan; but it can be particularly valuable in hospitals, where healthcare professionals experience “alert fatigue” due to the number of alerts activated by healthcare technology. The consequence of alert fatigue is that healthcare professionals become desensitized to safety alerts and fail to act on them.

Although the sound of an incoming text message may not attract the attention of an individual nurse or medical aide, when dozens of phones are simultaneously receiving incoming text messages, it is a clear indication of an event out of the ordinary and one that requires action. However, as an insurance against alert fatigue, the Rave Alert management interface displays which messages have been opened and which contacts have not yet reacted to the hospital emergency text message system warning.

The “Opt-On/Opt-Out” facility mentioned above adds to the effectiveness of a hospital emergency text message system. Visiting consultants, agency personnel, and sub-contractors - and all hospital visitors - can opt into the hospital emergency text message system while they are working at or visiting the hospital and either set an expiry date to receive alerts, or opt out of the system when they leave.

Further Functions of an Emergency Text Alert System

If the simple explanation above covered every function of an emergency text alert system, it would be considered an effective system. No special technical skills are required to operate the system and – as SMS texting facilitates two-way communication – contacts seeking assistance, further information or updates on the emergency situation have a dedicated point of contact.

However, an emergency text alert system is capable of much more. When an administrator sets up an account with Rave Mobile Safety, we create a branded web portal for the community, business, school or other organization. Contacts can access the web portal to add further details about themselves – such as land line numbers, email addresses, preferred language of communication and special needs.

As Rave Alert is not an SMS-exclusive emergency text alert system, warning messages can be sent via a variety of communication channels (voice broadcasts, email, RSS, CAP, Alertus, social media, etc.) to maximize the reach of the system. The Rave Alert platform auto-translates messages into contacts´ preferred language, while those with special needs are flagged to first responders.

Using Rave Alert for Non-Emergency Situations

Rave Alert can also be used to share information with contacts who will find the information of value. In communities, businesses and schools, Rave Alert could be used to (say) advise residents of road closures, advise employees of vacancies, or advise students of extra-curricular activities. In order to best use Rave Alert for non-emergency situations, it is advisable to use the group messaging facility.

The group messaging facility allows contacts to be placed into groups according to administrator-determined parameters such as their location, role or special interests. The grouping of contacts can be performed at administrator level or by the contacts themselves via the branded web portal. It is also possible to opt into groups by texting specially-assigned keywords to the Rave Alert short code number.

Sorting a database into groups ensures that contacts only receive non-emergency messages that are of interest to them. Contacts can belong to multiple groups simultaneously or simply remain in the general pool if they have no desire to receive targeted messages. This option prevents the scenario in which contacts opt out of the emergency text alert system due to receiving too many non-emergency messages that are of no relevance to them.


Find Out More about our Emergency Text Alert System

Although the process for sending emergency text alerts is fairly straightforward, there are many ways in which an emergency text alert system can enhance communications in communities, businesses, schools and other organizations. As the requirements for each client differs, we invite potential system administrators to contact us and request a demonstration of our Rave Alert platform in action.

After discussing your motives for implementing an emergency text alert system, our team of technical experts will tailor the demonstration for your specific requirements. The demonstration will enable us to highlight the relevant features of Rave Alert and branded web portal, and for you – and others involved in the decision-making process – to ask questions based on what you have seen.

To find out more about Rave Alert – and to schedule a demonstration for a time that is convenient – do not hesitate to contact us today. You never know when you may next need a fast and reliable system of mass communication to warn others of the risk of danger, and an emergency text alert system from Rave Mobile Safety will ensure your contacts receive warning messages in the shortest time possible.