Emergency Notification Software

Emergency notification software from Rave Mobile Safety enables state and local authorities, enterprises, and educational facilities to quickly and simultaneously alert residents, employees, and students to the risk of danger in order to save time and save lives.

The web-based software uses multiple channels of communication to alert thousands of contacts to an impending emergency situation within seconds. It can then be used from any location with an Internet service to better manage the situation, provide updates to concerned families and friends, and send an all clear message when the risk of danger has passed.

Emergency notification software has multiple use cases. It can help protect residents from being exposed to extreme weather conditions, facilitate the prompt evacuation of employees in the event of a fire, and provide early warnings to students of on-campus emergencies. It can also help communities, enterprises, and educational facilities recover more effectively following an emergency.

Why Use Multi-Modal Mass Notification Software?

According to various sources, 98 percent of the population own mobile devices capable of receiving an SMS text message, and 91 percent of those keep their mobile devices within reach at all times. Therefore, why is multi-modal mass notification software necessary when you could quickly send a group text to warn friends, employees, or others within your organization of a threat?

In a very small community, business, or school, it might be possible to send a group text alert. However, carriers apply limits to how many contacts can be included in a group text and how many SMS messages can be sent in a day. If your group consisted of twenty employees, and you sent an alert and then updates every hour, you could pretty soon reach the daily limit for non-commercial messaging.

Furthermore, if the intended recipients live or work in a noisy environment, there is no guarantee they will hear the incoming message. In some circumstances - i.e. an active shooter event - immediate notification is necessary in order for recipients to take action that could save their lives. Therefore Rave Alert´s multi-modal mass notification software dispatches alerts by SMS, voice broadcast, and email, and integrates with Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) software and digital signage for maximum reach.

Setting Up an Emergency Communication Software System

Setting up an emergency notification software system is a lot easier than most people realize. Once your organization has subscribed to the Rave Alert service, the software is most usually populated with names and contact details from an existing database. The software synchronizes regularly with the source database to ensure the contact data is kept up to date.

If a source database doesn't exist, or your organization needs to add and remove temporary contacts on a frequent basis, our emergency communication software system has an SMS opt-in/opt-out feature similar to that use by retailers for SMS marketing. Temporary visitors simply text a keyword to a short code number to opt into the system, and “stop” when they want to opt out.

A task we recommend all system administrators do when they first implement Rave Alert is to prepare emergency alert templates. This can save time when an emergency occurs, and ensures any instructions within the alerts are clear and carefully thought out. If you wait until an emergency occurs before composing an emergency alert, the stress of the situation might result in miscommunications.

The Best Emergency Notification Software has Segmentation and Geo-Polling Capabilities

We consider Rave Alert to be the best emergency notification software, not only because of its ease of use and reliability in an emergency, but also because of its segmentation and geo-polling capabilities. Individually these features can limit distress and accelerate incident resolution. Used together, they have the potential to save lives and help organizations recover quicker after an emergency.

Database segmentation is fairly self-explanatory. System administrators can create different groups within the Rave Alert database and assign individuals to groups based on their role, location, or other attribute. This has the benefit of alerting just those people impacted by an emergency to limit distress and prevent issues such as evacuation bottlenecks that can hinder rescue efforts.

Geo-polling requires a little more explanation. Usually a geo-poll consists of a question sent to selected recipients with a choice of answers. The recipients click on a link in the text or emailed geo-poll - or use the keypad buttons on their mobile devices - to answer the question. An example of a geo-poll in an emergency might be one sent to the workforce of a building engulfed in flames:

Q: Are you safe?

A1: Yes, I'm fine.

A2: No, I'm still in the building.

A·: I'm out but need medical attention.

Because the workforce has been segmented into those who work in one specific building, it is easier for emergency managers to calculate who is safe and who is still in need of assistance. By analyzing the responses, emergency managers can prioritize their search and rescue efforts on personnel still in the building, those in need of medical attention, and those who have not responded to the geo-poll.

Using the Emergency Notification Software in an Emergency

In an emergency, you need to get the right message to the right people in the shortest possible time, and Rave Alert helps you do this. When an emergency incident occurs, system administrators simply log into the Rave Alert portal, select the message template they want to send, the group(s) they want to send it to, and click “send”. Within seconds everybody within the group(s) will be notified of the event.

The Rave Alert emergency notification software monitors open rates and records them on the portal so system administrators can identify who may have not yet been alerted to the emergency. They can then send secondary alerts to those people or attempt to contact individuals by alternate means - either using the geo-poll feature or Rave Alert´s two-way communication capabilities.

The two-way communication capabilities can also help increase situational awareness for emergency managers. Texts sent through or received by the emergency notification software are timestamped for ease of prioritization and to increase accountability; and also for when management of the emergency is reviewed after the event to assess the effectiveness of emergency preparedness planning.   

Non-Emergency Uses for Emergency Notification Software

Emergency notification software can be used for many other purposes than alerting contacts to the risk of danger. By using the grouping function and the SMS opt in/opt out service, contacts can join and leave notification groups as they wish. This avoids the scenario in which contacts withdraw from the notification service completely due to receiving too many irrelevant notification messages.

  • In communities, state and local authorities can use the emergency notification software to advise residents of road closures or special forthcoming community events.
  • In business, enterprises can encourage conference delegates to opt in to their emergency notification database in order to receive reminders about forthcoming presentations.
  • In education, schools and colleges can advise parents of fundraising events and other school activities they may find of interest.

The grouping function has mechanisms in place to ensure that contacts in multiple groups – for example a teacher with medical training who is also the parent of a child attending the school, and therefore potentially in three notification groups – do not receive multiple notifications of the same event via the same channel of communication.

Request a Free Demo of our Emergency Notification System Software

If you have a responsibility for safety in your community, business, or school, and you would like to know more about our emergency notification software, do not hesitate to get in touch and request a free demonstration of our emergency notification system software in action. Our Customer Support Team will be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through the features of our emergency notification platform with relevance to your particular situation.

We believe this is the best way for safety officers to identify the benefits of Rave Alert; but please note you are under no obligation to proceed with your enquiry after seeing our emergency notification software in action. Our aim is to demonstrate the potential of our software in order that you can make an informed decision about whether it is an appropriate vehicle to quickly and simultaneously alert people to the risk of danger in order to save time and save lives.