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The Platform That Powers Safety

Empowering Preparedness. Streamlining Response. Driving Recovery.

  • Provide timely and targeted notifications
  • Interconnect public, private and 9-1-1 response teams
  • Deliver employee and school safety applications
  • Enhance emergency preparedness and response

Discover what sets Rave Mobile Safety apart.

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Safety is a Collaborative Responsibility

Connect key stakeholders

Connect key stakeholders

Coordinate response teams with real-time communications via voice, live video and location sharing, two-way chat and conference bridges.

Connect key stakeholders

Improve response times

Empower responders with increased situational awareness using intuitive workflows, prepared templates and role-based action plans.

Connect key stakeholders

Protect people in your care

Facilitate timely notifications and active engagement with targeted alerts across all channels – email, text, voice, social, desktop and more.

Connect key stakeholders

Reduce incident impact

Optimize response and mitigate future incidents by reviewing incident logs and after-action reports to fill process gaps.

Trust Rave to protect communities together

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to prepare for all the unknowns
then you ever could before
with the Rave Platform.

Public safety agencies, campus safety officials and corporate security professionals rely on Rave to save lives, manage critical incidents and increase operational resiliency.

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