Vigo County 9-1-1 Center Launches Smart911


WTWO WabashvalleyThe next time you call 911 in Vigo County, the person on the other end is going to be a bit smarter.

“The top shows the number and the time and then you’ve got my name, any type of medical information, address where I live, the address where I work,” Rob McMullen, Vigo County 911 Director said.

Wednesday Vigo County central dispatch launched its new Smart 911 service. [Smart911] allows users to create an online safety profile that pops up whenever they call.

Rob McMullen, Vigo County 911 Director, says the best profiles will included more than just the basics.

“You can also put where your utility valves are located, the rooms where your children might be sleeping and the number of animals that you have,” McMullen said.

Creating a profile is quick, free, and simple.  All you have to do is visit, click sign up and then enter as much or little personal information. Details are kept private and secure.

“The information is not housed in any of out databases here at dispatch it’s not housed even in Indiana it’s housed in a secure location that a lot of law enforcement agencies use,” McMullen said.

Glen Hall is the Chief Deputy of the Terre Haute Fire Department.  He’s confident the new system will help the department better serve residents.

“The benefit for us is if we get an emergency call to an address we get a lot more information about what’s at the address, such as how many people is at the address and specialty needs in the home,” Hall said.

And could be the difference between life and death.

“If we have a fire in one of the residences that has this we know how many people are there so when we get there we can start getting head counts at that time if there’s someone that’s not accounted for we have a better idea of where they’re located,” Hall said.


Source:  WTWO NBC News

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