Smart911 in Tennessee

Smart911 Communities in Tennessee

Tennessee has been at the forefront of meeting public safety challenges with Smart911. Nashville implemented Smart911 in 2011  and has enhanced the safety of the over 650,000 Nashville residents. Since then, Bedford County, Brentwood, Maury County,  and Wayne County have added Smart911.


State of Tennessee Proclaims March 16 as “Smart911 Awareness Day”

House Resolution #533 of the 109th General Assembly of the State of Tennessee Declares March 16 as  “Smart911 Awareness Day” in Recognition of the Lifesaving Information Delivered to First Responders by the National Safety Service.

Smart911 is a life-saving, national safety service that provides 9-1-1 call takers and emergency personnel with extra intelligence about the situation to which they are responding. It has been credited with positively impacting emergency situations and saving lives and across the U.S., including a heart attack victim in Tennessee, a missing child case in Arkansas and a man trapped in a house fire in Michigan.

On March 16, four groups will be holding registration events and encourage everyone to create or update their Safety Profile, which takes less than 10 minutes. In addition to the Tennessee State House, people may register online at or with the following organizations:

  • Autism Tennessee – 955 Woodland Street, Nashville, Tenn. 37206
  • JL Turner Fifty Forward – 174 Rains Avenue, Nashville, Tenn. 37203 –

About Smart911

Smart911 provides emergency communication and additional data to 9-1-1 and first responders. With Smart911, call takers and dispatchers make faster, better decisions and shorten response times. It helps save lives and improves responder safety.

A primary benefit to Tennesseans is the Smart911 Safety  Profile — which anyone can sign up for free. People provide information they would like 9-1-1 to have during an emergency. It can include family members, medications, multiple phone numbers — even pets. If you ever need to call 9-11 that information is instantly available to 9-1-1 and shared with people on their way to help.