What is Public Safety Grade Technology?

There are very few industries that place demands on technology like Public Safety. Technology must respond to the whip-saw “hurry-up and wait” typical of serving a community’s safety and security needs.

Furthermore, public safety technology is frequently required to perform its best when conditions are at their worst: storms, power and network outages, communications failures, and high demand on diminishing bandwidth.

What separates “Public Safety Grade” solutions from the rest are often the features that you cannot see.

About Rave's Public Safety Grade Technology

Rave Mobile Safety’s platform is built from the ground-up to serve Public Safety. In our mind, technical excellence is not just about servers and infrastructure, but how you apply technology to address your clients’ most pressing needs.

Best in Class Infrastructure

  • Hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions place the responsibility for managing the platform in Rave’s hands, and ensure you are provided with instant access to system upgrades.
  • Rave’s services run out of geo-diverse Tier 4 data centers, providing redundant network, power, and cooling.
  • Rave’s infrastructure and processes use best-in-class security technologies and processes, and are subject to regular 3rd party audits.
  • System availability doesn’t just mean it’s accessible – it means it performs the functions necessary to accomplish your missing. Rave’s infrastructure and multi-path communications technologies provide redundancy and fault-tolerance that ensures your ability to effectively serve your constituents.
  • Rave is dedicated to making sure you can use our services wherever and however you need. We provide access to our services through any internet connected device (desktops, tablets, and phone).
  • When it comes to 9-1-1 and Emergency Notification, nobody owns the entire end-to-end solution. Rave has partnered with the leaders of each step in the chain, gaining access to the expertise and capabilities necessary to provide you with a Public Safety Grade solution.

Best in Class Support

Rave knows the benefit of the even best technologies cannot be realized without a responsive support team and processes. Access to Rave’s Support Team is an integral part of our Public Safety Grade solution suite. No two public safety organizations are alike, so Rave’s Support Team is here to:

  • Consult you on how to optimize Rave Services to fulfill your organization’s unique technical and process requirements.
  • Rapidly deploy Rave’s services, without interrupting your critical operations.
  • Be on standby, 24 x 7 x 365 to respond to your requests, and to even take action on your behalf when local conditions make it impossible for you to conduct business-as-usual.

Proven Performance

Don’t take our word for it. Ask any of our over 1,000 Rave Mobile Safety clients how we have supported their needs through the most significant natural and human-caused events. We support mission critical 9-1-1, Emergency Management, and Emergency Notification solutions to Public Sector, Higher Education, and Private Sector clients.

Rave processes 100’s of millions of transactions per year, be they 9-1-1 calls, text messages, voice messages, email, or social media notifications. Rave’s solutions scale to meet the needs of any community.

Culture of Leadership and Innovation

Public Safety Grade solutions are not exercises in technology for technology’s sake – they need to measurably improve or expand the services you provide to your community. For 10 years, Rave has been known by its reputation for staying abreast of public safety’s ever changing needs. Rave focuses exclusively on converting our clients’ most information-starved situations into unique opportunities to connect with and respond to citizens in their time of greatest need.