Campus Safety

Mapping Indoor Spaces For Emergency Response

May 31, 2017

The goal of delivering a Dispatchable Location with every emergency call won’t be met until we have corresponding indoor mapping improvements.

Rave Mobile Safety Receives Series of Prestigious Industry Awards and Accolades

May 2, 2017

Rave Mobile Safety announced today that it has recently won four prestigious industry awards for its excellence in innovative lifesaving technology.

Whitepaper: Emergency Notification Systems Evaluation: 6 Overlooked Criteria

March 21, 2017

Emergency Notification Systems Evaluation: Review the 6 areas outside of strict technical criteria that can make or break your emergency notification system efforts including process, training, data hygiene, support, local network capacity, and over-communication.

Warwick School Committee Views Demonstration For School Safety

March 10, 2017

Warwick schools see demonstration of new Panic Button phone app to improve school safety. All staff members in the city’s schools can now download the Panic Button from Rave Mobile Safety on their phones. When they open it, they can press one of five buttons: “active shooter”, “fire”, “medical”, “police” or “911 other”.

A New Safety App Hits the Campus of Valdosta State University

February 20, 2017
New Mobile Safety App Students will now feel safer on Valdosta State campus. The mobile safety app called Blazer Guardian is provided by Rave Mobile Safety. It gives each student an additional layer of security, right in the palm of their hand. To increase the safety on your campus, check out our campus safety solutions today. Read [...]

School Safety Technology: Rave Panic Button and Rand Corporation Research

February 10, 2017

School safety technology report highlighting active shooter and other school violence and how modern technology can help, such as the Rave Panic Button app.

A Bluelight at Your Fingertips: Rave Guardian, Mobile Safety App

February 8, 2017
With University of Louisville's blue lights out of order or needing maintenance, SGA Services Vice President Lauren Greenwell highly encourages students to download Rave Guardian, a mobile safety app. Read the Article Related Resources

Rave Mobile Safety Bolsters Life Saving Footprint in 2016

February 1, 2017

Rave announces key milestones in the last year that enabled customers to use its revolutionary safety technology to prepare better, act faster & save lives.

What Are IWU’s Safety Protocols?

December 9, 2016

An attack on the Ohio State University campus took place last month and left many shocked and disheartened by the event. “Mostly I’m just saddened by the attack on the Ohio State campus” Assistant Professor of History Dr. Stephen Pierce said. “It’s sad to see a student who feels so disenfranchised and so marginalized on […]

Campus IT And Emergency Officials Face A Variety Of Security Threats

December 9, 2016

To enhance its campus security posture, Tulane is using tools from Rave Mobile Safety, a firm that provides communications software designed to improve emergency preparedness and faster response to security situations.

MTSU Enhances Security

December 6, 2016

Middle Tennessee State University announced Thursday (Dec. 1) the creation and distribution of an active shooter guide as well as increased video surveillance and plans to reintroduce emergency call stations to the campus. With the recent Ohio State University attack as the latest example of the security concerns facing campuses throughout the nation, MTSU’s Division […]

Rave Panic Button Webinar: Campus Safety Game Changer

December 5, 2016

Brian Berry, Vice Chancellor of Arkansas Community College, Hope, leads an informative discussion on how his school implemented Rave Panic Button across two campuses, and its impact with actual lifesaving examples.

Rave Mobile Safety Honored as Gold Winner in 2016 Campus Technology Readers’ Choice Awards

November 29, 2016

Rave was recognized for its Rave Alert solution, a campus safety emergency notification system trusted by more than 1,400 higher education institutions. Among two dozen choices for emergency notification services, readers recognized Rave Alert as award winning for its templates, multi-modal capabilities and integration of additional safety features.

ISU Prepares In Wake Of Violence

November 28, 2016

Terre Haute, IN After a violent attack on students at The Ohio State University, ISU prepares for the worse. “It’s unlikely that it will happen at Indiana State, but it’s likely that it will happen some where so every University has to be prepared.” ISUPD Chief, Joe Newport told WTWO News Monday. “When ever you […]

UAA Police Chief Addresses Campus Procedures

November 28, 2016

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) University Police Chief Brad Munn joined Channel 2 Monday evening to talk about how the University of Alaska Anchorage police department trains for and responds to potential incidents. Munn also responded to questions before the live interview. Here is the video, and below, some of his responses, some combined for relevance and clarity: […]